My trip to Norwich

Friday 17 July 2009

Cute and smily Ella wearing my sunglasses, she is such a fun to be around, always smiling, getting off to explore, and a good eater haha...I LOVE her. 

What a nice day I had yesterday, I went up to Norwich to spend the day with Kate and Ella. It was warm and sunny, we had a picnic in a park by the broads, (a very pretty area, with boats, amazing houses, a nice cafe, full of different species of birds, etc..,). Later on we went for a stroll in the city, for beautiful shops and antiques. Every time I visit the English countryside I get the same feeling,  it is so beautiful and inspiring!!! I just want to go and live in one of this small cities in a beautiful victorian house, but then I remember I come from a beautiful place myself, (Canary Islands in Spain) and if I ever leave London would go back home!! Well you never know...

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  1. sounds like a very lovely day! Ella- she's soo adorable=)