Thursday 25 June 2009

I went to Central St martins textile Degree show on Tuesday, and as usual was presented with an amazing variety of work. I am glad that they have this public events, where people can view and appreciate the gorgeous work of this talented future designers. You see in Spain, we don't have the tradition of the final year show, or at least in Barcelona and Tenerife University where I studied. A shame really, as this events are a great exposure for student's work, as well as a good opportunity for finding work and networking with other professionals and public in general.

On my visit to the show, I met Solenne Morigeaud a graduate from the Masters in textile futures. She is a Paris born surface designer, that having graduated in fashion and textile design at ESAA Duperré school in Paris, went on to do this masters. I lOVE her work, it is very unique and dedicated.

This antique door is the piece that she was exhibiting at the show, GORGEOUS!!!

Smoke and Mirrors is a collection of mirrors, glass and wallcoverings 
that blur and interact with our perception. The inspiration comes from ink stains, clouds, shadows and smoke trails – coincidental patterns that create an unforeseen imagery.
Mirrors are etched, laser-cut and overlaid, creating unexpected illusional effects.

Through her work, Solenne Morigeaud imagines the future of textiles as a way to encourage people to get into their imagination, too often forgotten.


  1. So beautiful!! great find.

  2. Hi there, this is so wonderfulll... I live in Prague, Can I buy anything from here?


  3. Lovely work!! very talented.

  4. So nice! I have contacted her on her website. She can make mirrors to order! Lovely work...

  5. I know it is gorgeous work!! yes I believe she does bespoke work on order, so the best thing is to contact her directly.