Monday 22 June 2009

Kate gave me this pin for my Birthday, It is so cool and different!!  When I wear it with my cardigan people usually ask me where i got it from.  It was made by Jennifer Collier, a Textiles designer from Manchester Metropolitan University, I have known her work for quite some time, but I didn't associate the pin with her till I made a bit of research and realised it was hers. 

Found papers, buttons and ribbon. 
(The paper has been varnished to make these
shower proof). £15 each

Paper brooches found papers and buttons£19 each in a vintage tin

Here are more samples of her fantastic work!! 
some map shoes made to custom!!

Pattern Paper Dress


  1. hmmm ive never seen map shoes before:) i do love the pins and they come with vintage tins! what a treat=)

  2. So creative and original. I'm sure no one else at the party will be wearing the same shoes =) I love your blog sweetie! Come stop by for wishful wednesday when you have a chance...

  3. Thanks laura, i am glad you like our blog, we LOVE doing it and sharing all this amazing stuff with all of you!!