Monday 16 February 2009

I have been thinking of my childhood lately and this image of me playing with paper dolls came to my mind. I used to love getting a new design, cutting it and playing with it, hours went by going through my collections of dolls, dresses, hats, etc...

I found this vintage designs on Internet, I have been looking for my old box back in Spain and can't find it, I am a bit sad I have lost such a treasure!! 

Enjoy them, and if you know where I can get them from, please let me know!!!


  1. Hacia tiempo que no oia esa palabra!! M eencanta nosotros la decirmos mucho en Canarias.
    He intentado dejar un comentario en tu blog, pero no puedo.

  2. Hi, lovely to meet you on Saturday! I promised to send you the folksy link. Lovely cushions!

  3. I love the toys!!! specially the orange vintage one!!
    I may get one soon, just need to sell a few cushions first!!!
    I will send you the list of blogs I follow, they are very nice and interesting.