In my Achica wish list...

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Do you know about Achica already? if you are in the UK, you might have seen their TV ad or on Internet, they have a very nice blog as well. Member-only clubs are becoming more frequent, I never paid attention to them myself, but since I knew about Achica, I tend to browse their site each day. They have a very good selection of brands and artists on board. Once you spot something you like you better hurry up, before it flights of the site, I really want this metal art wall, but where do I put it? maybe if I buy it and take to my boyfriend's house back in GC? 

Real photography or 3D modeling?

SUN is out!!! I could not believe it when I woke up this morning and saw how sunny and warm it was. Lately I have been feeling very tired and irritated, the luck to natural light and cold weather is catching up with me. Each year it became more obvious that I am not made for this today is being a very welcome sunny day, I just being in the park, wearing my sunglasses and having a relaxed walk, surely is not going to stay like this for much longer so lets make the most of it, and wish for more days like this...

I am in love with these photos, real or 3D modeling? There are some talented people out there and Bertrand, the author of these 3D modeling shoots is one of them. Not only he has achieved a very real and cosy look, but the choice of furniture, styles and colours are all excellent and come together in the photos very well. In my opinion he has created the perfect space. You can see more of his amazing work at his BBB3viz blog. 

(images via BBB3viz)

Gorgeous SOHI magazine

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

It is always refreshing to discover new sources of inspiration. Las week I came across the Australian  SOHI magazine, and I was instantly drawn to it, well that is what a well design magazine should do. I have fallen for the graphics, choice of pictures/covers, and content.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

I am offering at chocolate creative FREE UK SHIPPING on products over £40. I am hoping to launch the new site/shop in May, where you can sign up for discounts and offers, in the meantime, check this blog and my facebook and tweeter for updates on offers. 

Rescuing old pieces and hunting down bargains

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Who doesn't like to come across a good bargain? Well I certainly do. Let me tell you the story behind these photos. They were taken last year at my boyfriend's house back in Gran Canaria. Before we met, he would not think twice about a piece of furniture, or had any interest in interiors, furniture, decorating, vintage, etc...practical Ikea would do for him. But since being together, the poor man have learned about blogs, magazines, interiors, etc...and now wish he could have stayed in the dark or his luck of knowledge. 

When I first went to his town/house he showed me around their houses, garages etc...and I could not believe my luck when I saw, in a corner of a huge warehouse, the industrial desk, full of dust and forgotten about it. Soon after I told him the value of it and how lovely it was, the poor desk went to his new empty house, and now sits proudly in his living room. The same with the old pine table, that was left in a hut, the french light spot found in a dark room, the chair, etc...I just added some of my prints, a tree branch I found in the local beach and some of my personal belongings.

I am sure I will keep finding more treasures, I just hope he does not mind me bringing them home, well to his place really...
(photos Margarita)

Give a lamp – La Lampe Gras range

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I have always had a tendency to collect things, some of them are on a small budget, like old china, vintage memorially, etc...but when it comes to chairs and lamps, I can't help it, I always end up wanting very expensive items. I learned about La Lampe Gras, at the Home show, they had a stand not far from mine, and I pop in to admire the selection of functional yet beautiful lamps they had on display, needless to say I could have bought a few if I had the money. These photos are just a few of the great selection you can find in their site, very good styling by the way, don't you think? 

(Photos La Lampe Gras)

La casita de Margaux exhibition in Madrid

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My friend Patricia from patusibu, and her partner are having an exhibition in Madrid. They will be presenting their handmade and vintage products from la casita de Margaux. They are all unique and one off pieces made of reclaimed wood. I wish I could make it to the event, good luck with it and pls pls post photos of the exhibition soon...

(photos Patusibu)

Part 2: Home Show snaps

Monday, 13 February 2012

Back from a very nice weekend, of meeting friends, searching antiques shops, curling up at home, eating glorious food and being extremely cold, this past Saturday felt the coldest so far, by the end of he day I could not feel my fingers and toes. 

Here are some photos of the past show I have exhibited, Home, it is always very exciting when I get to the venue and see the empty space, of course I always plan in advance how my stand would look, but I tend to improvise once I get there. I find cushions a difficult product to display, and not having a big budget for the stand means I have to think and use things I already have, in this case the drawers of my victorian chest and old pine table. Here are some photos of the before and after, thank god I had Tina to help me to set up, she was brilliant. 

The venue at Earls Court, the show and the preparations before opening the doors, I find incredible how people transform an empty space in just a few days in an amazing show, you get there, to a cold messy huge space and when back the next day to start the show, find a well curated, warm and welcoming environment. Well, they are very good professionals after all...

My pick/selection of designer's stands, in each show I have the chance to meet new people and share the space and experience with designers I have been admiring for sometime, but have not met personally, here is a selection of British designers, who I really like their work and find inspiring for their hard work, dedication and progression of their small creative business. 
Abigail Borg, beautiful illustrated wallpapers and textiles

Chase and wonder nostalgic products, love the prints

Natural History new collection of textiles and interior accessories

SCP well made and designed new products, their shops are one of the best in London

Spotted selection of designers and products

Heart Zeena lovely products and stand

Kiss her interior products by Bianca Hall

Restoring old furniture

Thursday, 9 February 2012

I am currently bidding on a Danish side board on Ebay, and trying to get al old chest of drawers from a local second hand shop, not that my house needs more furniture, but I can't help but start thinking when I see an old piece of furniture what I could with it, and how it is going to look in my small rather crowed house. The white table and 4 black chairs in my living room, cost me hardly anything, I painted them in my garden and gave them a new look and use. The table was quite ugly and the school chairs needed in new coat of paint. I love the lamp, it is an old original glass shade, that I had wondering around the house, so I bought some red cable and made it the new dining area lamp! 

I find restoring old furniture relaxing and exciting, not only I am recycling, but never know how and old piece is going to look like after many many hours of hard work. I needed a small piece to play with the knobs and take to the shows, so decided to transform the 2 old small side tables into something more neutral and modern to show off the new knobs.
(photos chocolate creative)

Cosy reading for a grey and cold day - 91 magazine

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Good morning, or lets just say hello, today is one of those days when I could have easily stayed in bed, curl up with my cat, cakes and tea, and plenty of good magazines to read and look at. What a cold and grey morning it is! Oh well, since I have plenty of things to do and get on with, I better reprogram my brain to think that it is lovely, sunny and warm out there and when I leave the house later on to go to a press event I am not going to feel the cold in my bones haha...positive thinking Marga, positive thinking, or simply accept the situation and try not to think about it too much. 

Nice to see the second issue of 91 magazine, these are my favorite readings, an article about some great tea places in London, (the Chandelier is one of my fav, and near by), and the house tour of the ever creative Dottie Angel, well done Caroline and team for another beautiful magazine.  

I love you...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

  This is one of the first prints I ever designed for chocolate creative. I was not in love at the time, or had a partner, but had plenty of love in my life. These days I continue to have the same love around, plus a gorgeous man who I love more and more each day and hope to spend more time with soon. The love print, is part of the messages collection, it is printed with water based inks on recycle paper, and it is available here, FREE postage to the UK.

Check the forecast

Thursday, 2 February 2012

What a nice surprise to receive the Etsy's newsletter in my inbox, and see the yellow knob in this original selection of products. The knobs and hooks are selling very well. Today I sent a few units to a nice customer all the way to Greenland, and tomorrow they are going to a few independent shops in Australia. We have sold out of the yellow color and only have a few units left of the colour ones, we are making as we go, so they will be available again in a few weeks. If you have purchased the knobs or hooks from us, I would love to see how you have used them, updated a piece of furniture, hang the coats, hats and scarfs, please email me some photos of how hey look in your home, thanks.