Part 1: Home Show snaps

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hello, Nice weekend? Mine has been a good mix of friends, coffee and cake and work, it has got very cold in London, so I am pleased I have been able to stay at home, working and relaxing. I just wanted to post some images of the Home show, I will be doing a second part post, with images of my stand, some more amazing designers and the show. I have not stopped since the show finished and need some time to organise the photos and blog about the event and many other things. Did you attend Home? It was fantastic!! I tell you more soon, leave you with a good selection of work from the different designers, who exhibited near me. Thanks you guys, for making the experience more fun and interesting!.

 Fancy making some sand castle? creative products by Gavin from Green&Blue

Beautiful and bold new rug from Michelle Mason 

Lovely textiles and stand from the stylish Scottish designer Clare Nicolson

Gorgeous felt rugs, blankets, cushions and marble effect fabrics by Petra for room 39

Thinking of taken part in a trade show yourself? Here I found some interesting reading, with good tips and plenty of advice. Via another very good post at Designsponge.

See you at Home London

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Just a few days left for the Home show in London to open its doors. I mentioned before that I will be exhibiting at this new trade show (part of Top Drawer), which starts on Sunday till Tuesday. If you haven't registered yet, and fancy to come along, do so at this link. I am very excited but nervous at the same time. A long time ago, when I used to visit the shows as a designer student, I used to dream of me and my products being in one of these events, many years of studies and hard work have passed by and I am finally here. I have to admit that I don't enjoy going around the shows as I used to, or in the same way, NOW, I am part of them, the pressure to make it happen, the realisation of how many amazing designers and products are out there, and the running of the business, makes me see the whole experience in a total different way. Nevertheless I love what I do, and being at these shows in just one aspect of running chocolate creative, I am sure once I am there, up and running I will be ok. If you are around and thinking of attending Home, come and say hello I will be at stand D44, see you at the show!

Eclectic inspiration

Monday, 9 January 2012

Hello from London, I came back on Friday, and have not seen the SUN since them haha...I had a good flight, not so bad weather, house still up, Missi happy and healthy, seen a few friends, and straight into work. But man, how difficult January is in the UK, well Winter in general. I have to motivate myself with work, walks, and plenty of friends not too miss GC, weather, family, boyfriend, etc...How do you cope with grey days and cold weather? Does it affect you? 
These photos from interior designer Isabel Lopez-Quesada, have certainly help me to feel inspired and motivated. I first saw her work in AD magazine, and has since them love her projects/spaces. I share with her, a passion for eclectic mixed interiors, old and new, earthy colors, natural materials, open-airy- sunny spaces and appreciation for craftsmanship and tradition. This look is not necessarily very expensive to achieve, I have been collecting pieces over the years and keep finding treasures here in London and GC. An old chester, country farm table, mid century furniture, industrial lamps, victorian chairs/cabinets, old china, french mirror, linens etc...

(Images via her site)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

They say that dreaming doesn't cost certainly doesn't cost me anything to dream about owning this flat in Las Palmas. It is becoming more and more obvious to me, what my heart has been telling me for quite a while, that to come back home should happen sooner than later. It is a difficult decision to make after living in London for the past 14 years, having my house, chocolate creative, the amazing city and wonderful friends over there, makes me hesitate big time, to leave it all and come back to a small island. Owning the flat should make my decision much easier haha...I am joking, at the end of day, material possessions do not make me happy, but to be near my family, and where I belong, to a sunny climate, with a more relaxed way of life, and near the sea. After all, chocolate creative will benefit from being here as well, as for my friends, I am sure they will come to visit, SUN AND BEACH yeah...and London is only four hours away. Have you ever had to make a similar decision in your life? 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sunny and seaside architecture

When I am in Gran Canaria, I live near Maspalomas beach, which is in the South coast of the island. So today went for a walk by the beach. Right now it is a bit windy for my liking, so no chances of laying on the sand, but weather is perfect for seating on a bench, listening to the waves and contemplating life pass by, or in my case read my copies of AD magazine wearing my sunglasses and in flip flops, so not complaining here, considering tomorrow I will be wearing a thick coat, hat, scarf and globes haha...
Maspalomas was build around the 60's/70's and was one of the first spot in the island to be developed with the tourist boom of the time. Today I took some photos of the original buildings of that period. Some have been redecorated, but most of them remain looking pretty much as it must have been at the time. Love the typography/names made of iron at the front of the apartments and houses. Very Seventy's and kish, reminds me of Miami and Palm Springs.  

I dream with owning one of this apartments one day, hardly any of them go on sell, and if they do, they are at prohibit prices, but I guess I can keep dreaming and maybe one day... I love the architecture, simple and square shapes, the materials: cement, stones, wood and plenty of white, surrounded by cactus, palms and by the beach. 

Just wanted to show you what is inspiring me at the moment, have you been in Maspalomas? 

Cactus paradise

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I have always been fascinated by cactus, and I dream with a garden full of them, don't get me wrong, I love roses, lavenders, and flowers in general, but find cactus' shapes, and different species very interesting. These photos are from Cactualdea, in la Aldea de San Nicolas, (the biggest park of its kind in Europe, I have been told), with more than 1,200 of different species can be seen in the park. Together with the species that can be found in the islands there are some that have been imported from as far as Mexico, Madagascar, Bolivia, etc...I could not believe that I forgot to bring my camera with me, and could only take a few photos with a borrowed one. I am thinking of using cactus in one of my new designs, still don't know, how or when, but have started some drawings, all I need now is time to be creative...

HOLA 2012!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Hola hola, welcome to a new year, 2012! I hope you had a wonderful end of 2011, with plenty of fun and friends to welcome the new year. I feel full of energy and very positive about 2012. It is going to be an interesting period, full of new adventures and challenges, good and bad, and I am sure it will be good to all of us in many different ways, so lets embrace it from day 1.
I am still in Gran Canaria, Spain, back to work, but taking it easy, organising and preparing for flying back to London on Wed. I hope to go to the beach tomorrow, to get a bit of sun before leaving. It is been very sunny and lovely, but quite chilly in the evenings. Houses are not prepare for Winters and humidity so I have been sleeping with more layers than back in London and shivering in bed haha...quite a contradiction as my house in London is very warm and cosy. I will post some photos of the beach and surrounding tomorrow, so you can have a better idea of how beautiful these islands are.

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