Monday, 9 January 2012

Eclectic inspiration

Hello from London, I came back on Friday, and have not seen the SUN since them haha...I had a good flight, not so bad weather, house still up, Missi happy and healthy, seen a few friends, and straight into work. But man, how difficult January is in the UK, well Winter in general. I have to motivate myself with work, walks, and plenty of friends not too miss GC, weather, family, boyfriend, etc...How do you cope with grey days and cold weather? Does it affect you? 
These photos from interior designer Isabel Lopez-Quesada, have certainly help me to feel inspired and motivated. I first saw her work in AD magazine, and has since them love her projects/spaces. I share with her, a passion for eclectic mixed interiors, old and new, earthy colors, natural materials, open-airy- sunny spaces and appreciation for craftsmanship and tradition. This look is not necessarily very expensive to achieve, I have been collecting pieces over the years and keep finding treasures here in London and GC. An old chester, country farm table, mid century furniture, industrial lamps, victorian chairs/cabinets, old china, french mirror, linens etc...

(Images via her site)


  1. qué espacios más ideales......

  2. me acabo caer muertita de amor!!!!...
    pues me tomo un chocolatito y me vengo a vivir aquí, eh?`por cierto...hoy gris va de eso, de pastelitos de chocolatito...hace uno?
    mart a.


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