Friday, 29 March 2013

It is Easter! If I was in Spain I will be going to processions and enjoying family meals with trips to the beach, but since I am in London and on my own, I was planning to keep working, to make the most of this few days to finish the designs. I have tried very hard this morning, but my body and mind are telling me go out, meet my friends and forget about work, so I am doing exactly that, starting with my favorites magazine reading, coffee and a long walk in the park to set the mood for a few days away from the computer and work. I will be back to work on Monday, and parcels will be dispatched on Tuesday. Enjoy a restful and quality time break with your loved ones or on your own whatever takes your fancy.


Thursday, 28 March 2013

I need to finish my designs, but keep drawing and coming up with new ideas, umm...when and where to stop? This week I have to decide on colour combination, products: cushions, tea towels, new hooks, a small office range, and accessories such as scarves, bags and purses. I think I need a trip to Barcelona and Lanzarote, to gather my ideas and make some decisions, places that are inspiring me right now.


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I can't work without mood boards, I create them in my head, sketch books, digitally, etc...Sometimes I have too many ideas going on, and unless I put them together in one place I can't think clear about anything, does it happen to you too? (images: chocolate creative and different sources from my pinterest boards).


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I am not much of a social butterfly this days, as I am hidden in my studio working on some new ideas, products, designs and collections. The weather continuos being cold and miserable, which has helped me to stay at home and focus on what I am doing even more. 
I am trying not to rush the design process, and enjoy it as much as I used to when I was at college and didn't have the pressures that comes with running your own business and being and independent designer. As mentioned before, I don't work along seasons, but focus on creating collections and designs that somehow match the previous ones, on materials, colours and styles, well at least in my mind...
What is going on in my sometimes blurry brain...I have been obsessing over the rustic house shapes that adorn our landscapes back in Gran Canaria (want to get one) the hydraulic tile geometric shapes of the modernist architecture, specially in Barcelona, (will get them for my flat in Las Palmas) and continuous to drip over the old granny paintings of landscapes and patterns of the English roses, (keep collecting them). I never know what I am going to come up with, I just take photos (bad ones), draw on paper, and later on jump on the computer to put the ideas and colours together. So far I am happy with some ideas. The wooden products are still to be finished. Gassy and I worked on a small office range and some new hooks back in January, but he is so busy that haven't been able to progress on the prototypes, (he is the maker/supplier as well as the boyfriend so needs to be treated well and with lost of patience...). The hooks and knobs are now available in neon/fluro colours, will take some new photos soon. 

Just wanted to share a bit of the process, some feedback would be GREAT, as I am a bit stuck. Please excuse my luck of posting as I need to get off the Internet and stay focus on this work. Some of this designs may not see the light, they may become something totally different or stay the same, only time and many many more hours of work will decide what I take into production.

 Stay warm if you are in Europe, or enjoy the sunshine if you are somewhere warm and sunny. Catch up with you guys on my facebook or around here when time allows it.


Thursday, 21 March 2013

I mentioned Hados before, when I was talking about the designers I met back in my island. I have the fortune of meeting Elena among the other creative's in one of our networking events. I instantly clicked with her, she is a very nice, talented and spiritual person, someone who I can relate in terms of work and personality. She invited me over to her beautiful home/studio, but time didn't allow at the time, after seeing this photos of their space and her with Alvaro, (the other half of Hados), I will make sure to come along next time. I LOVE it, this is what I need back home, a big airy and bright room where to work and keep meeting interesting people, who are working very hard towards achieving a good balance life, doing what they love and remaining true to their values.

Elena and Alvaro, were both artists before they met, (you can check their artwork in their respective blogs), and slowly started to work together on Hados, a joint project, where their art and skills come together. Hados is about integrity and beauty, all the pieces are handmade, with the best quality materials, and equality gorgeous. 

The hair clips (Bombom de seda) are made of silks and titanium, more styles at the shop.
My favorite pieces are the rings, I am going to save some cash to treat myself with one. This pieces remind me of the volcano and mountain landscapes we have in the islands. 
Photos by onphotos.es


Friday, 15 March 2013

Nicole from the Australian interior's firm Little Liberty, sent me this photos of her latest projects, where she has used some of our wooden hooks. I think this products complement very well her colorful style. I really like how she uses color blocks, designers pieces, and unique wall art to create fun, modern and stylist rooms for children. More eye candy at her blog. Thanks Nicole for keep trusting chocolate creative for your interior's projects.

Photos by Little Liberty


Monday, 11 March 2013

It is snowing outside and very cold and windy, so I am delaying my trip to the supermarket as much as I can, although I have to go at some point otherwise Missi and me, will be not just cold, but very hungry... I think someone has forgotten that is already March and that we should reach the 2 digits, or at least aiming for it, rather than going back to minus whatever.

I am working on some tote bags and purses following the English Romantic collection ideas, and wanted to share a bit of what I like so much about the British interiors and what inspires me the most.

The chesterfield sofas, originally found in the famous men's clubs, now everywhere, including my house. The old paintings from the grand manors to the local pubs, the old china, the deer heads and amazing landscapes/nature, going from the far South Cornwall to the Highlands in Scotland. I love this nation, and its heritage, but I wish it was a lot warmer so I could complain less and enjoy my Winters a bit more...Do you like this style?


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mums out there. The older I get the more time I want to spend with my mother. She is not only the best mum I could ever had, but a good friend, an amazing work partner and overall a kind, strong, fun, and creative woman. I hope you all get to spend quality time with yours, I can't wait to have her in London for a few months over Summer, to explore the city and do lots of things together. I wish you a fantastic Sunday with your loved ones!


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Browsing the great studio8940 blog, I came across these very nice images from the Finish magazine Kotivinkki, and since I am working on some new ideas I thought I would share them, as they have inspired me to put together a colour scheme for the new designs. I am in love with the turquoise metal table, the light shades of pink, and the mix of geometric and flowers patterns. I am a big fan of mixing patters, colours and textures. I like interiors that have different layers of elements and materials to it, 

I don't really believe in seasons for the interiors or even in fashion. As a designer of handmade products, I want to believe that what you buy from my shop will stay in your home for many years to come, and it will be used in different ways, by mixing it with new things, and furniture as time pass. So in my very humble opinion I say this, as I am getting a bit tired of seeing AW (Autumn/Winter) and SS (Spring/Summer) all over. I myself sometimes feel the pressure of going along with what press or clients will expect from a designer, but I will stay true and loyal to my philosophy of designing products for the homes regardless of the season.


Monday, 4 March 2013

It is being a month since I came back from sunny Gran Canaria. I can’t believe how fast my body can forget about the warm feeling of a sunny day, the long walks on the beach and my many hours spent reading magazines or simply contemplating life under the sun or under a shadow spot. Having lunch and coffee in my mother’s patio or sitting in front of Gassy’s house are the things I truly enjoy, peaceful moments just for myself. One day I hope to have a simple place like the one in these photos (in Gran Canaria), you don’t really have to spend lots of money to create a comfortable and stylist outdoors place: second hand furniture, built in sofas, tables, and wood for the roof and some paneling, plenty of confy cushions, glorious flowers and trees.
Photos 12


Sunday, 3 March 2013

I am so so happy to see my cushions in the current issue of the Living etc magazine. A few months back I had the most stressful day having to deliver the cushions to the IPC media offices under a very short notice. They were out of stock and had to performance miracles to get them ready for the photoshoot dates. The thing is, that you never know if the stylist will end using your products in the shoot, or how they will be used after all. So when I received my copy of the magazine, I was very pleased to see the gorgeous feature that stylist Harriet Paterson and photographer Jeroen van Der Spek have put together under the Pre-Raphaelite theme. Beautiful products, colours, textures, flowers, nature and lighting were used to create a cosy atmospheric romantic feel to the rooms. I love their work and I wish I could have some of their talent when it comes to taking photos and styling the shoots, their work is simply gorgeous!

Another example of good work, is the feature that stylist Charlotte Love has put together for the current issue of the Good Homes magazine. I think that she is very talented and understand colour very well. Love how she has made used of my colour wall hooks to display the different tea towels. Photos by Andrew Boyd. Seeing my products in the press makes me extremely happy, and give me a sense of achievement that I so much need, specially when I work day after day in my studio, with the solo company of Missi, the cat. I tend to loose the perspective of how things are progressing, and what is being achieved and what needs to be done and planned for.  So thanks to all the journalists, stylists, bloggers and press in general for trusting chocolate creative and featuring my work.