Monday, 4 March 2013

It is being a month since I came back from sunny Gran Canaria. I can’t believe how fast my body can forget about the warm feeling of a sunny day, the long walks on the beach and my many hours spent reading magazines or simply contemplating life under the sun or under a shadow spot. Having lunch and coffee in my mother’s patio or sitting in front of Gassy’s house are the things I truly enjoy, peaceful moments just for myself. One day I hope to have a simple place like the one in these photos (in Gran Canaria), you don’t really have to spend lots of money to create a comfortable and stylist outdoors place: second hand furniture, built in sofas, tables, and wood for the roof and some paneling, plenty of confy cushions, glorious flowers and trees.
Photos 12


  1. Antes de ver los links de tus fotos te iba a decir que me sonaban muy "baleares", y sí, efectivamente..... Cataluña y Baleares han sabido mantener esa arquitectura popular, sencilla que es mi favorita.... Es tan difícil encontrar esa seguridad en si mismos en otros puntos de España, casi todo el mundo ha tirado hacia una pretenciosa forma de vida aún en sus casas de pueblo.....

    No sé si me hago entender totalmente.....

    Besos belleza

  2. Exacto, estamos perdiendo la esencia de lo que eramos y de la sencillez,