Wishing you Merry Christmas

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Almost there...flying home tomorrow, I can't believe that after 14 years in London, I still consider and refer to Gran Canaria as HOME. It is where my heart is, mother lives there, and now my boyfriend, how can I not have my heart over there? So here I am, getting ready to fly tomorrow, (nervous), Missi senses it and it is quite unsettled, needless to say that it breaks my heart to leave him behind.
Piero and I never got around to take good photos of the house being decorated, so I just took some quick shoots. This year I have gone for a Winterland theme, gathered all my figurines of animals around the house, together with some gorgeous paper decorations and my most expensive ones, the crystal big bubbles, no tree as I will have one when I get to Spain. 

Wishing you a lovely Christmas, eat, drink, kiss, make love, rest, watch TV, play, dance and above all be happy and grateful for another year. 

I will post from sunny Gran canaria, my body is going to be in shock, a 20C temperature is awaiting for me, I better don't forget the sun glasses, if I remember where I left them a few months ago...

Deer card and paper bird from the gorgeous Papermash shop

kickcan and conkers new shop

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I have been following Deborah's blog for ages. I enjoy discovering all her vintage finds and talented people, so I was very pleased to see that she has opened and online shop focusing on children, vintage and quirky things. Below are my picks, (the miniature kitchen is sold already), which does not surprise me, as it is truly unique. I have been collecting myself vintage paper goods, textiles and other items for a while, and will add a new section to my shop in the New Year, all I have to do now is keep finding the interesting pieces from all my trips and put them together in the new chocolate creative site, it will take me a while, as I am designing myself the front end, and need to get a good programer/wed designer to help me with the coding, and of course and most important get the budget for it, easy, isn't? 

Some Twitter tips

I am still learning how to make the most of twitter, and found this tips, maybe they can help you too. By the way follow me on Twitter at: choco_creative

Some Twitter Tips: 
• @ symbol before a name (e.g. @Home_London) - refers to another Tweeter and provides a live link to their Twitter account
• #followfriday / #FF - a weekly opportunity to recommends other Tweeters to follow. This helps you get other followers
• # symbol before a word or several words without spacing (e.g #design or # Home_London) - creates a label or a topic by which other search for relevant Tweets
• RT – Retweet someone else’s message e.g. “RT @Home_London Can’t wait to visit Home 2012

Good marketing tips from the Biz Ladies over at Designsponge.

Learn lost about social media at we are social, love them!

Crafting away at Etsy event in London

Last week, Kate and I went along to an Etsy event in London, (my 3rd one) and hope many more to come. We were invited to a craft party involving some good fun. I was so unprepared, I forgot to bring any crockery with me, and left with a bag full of goodies. The UK Etsy team did a great job, they put together a fun evening, it was cold and dark outside, but I was instantly transported into this cosy and friendly space, full of creative people. I like their idea of bringing together the community and just do something different. We ate, drunk, painted some nice vintage pieces and above all met interesting people and got to spend a special evening together. From here I thanks Etsy for having us around and making me feel very good in a freezing evening in London.

 Above, me, Kate and Gillian showing our expensive pieces of art, funny how different we are, Gillian and I chose vintage plates, where Kate went for a cleaner and more modern look, she painted lot of lines on plain white porcelain. Love the end result, below one of the most elaborate designs. 
 (Photos via Etsy UK)

Last minute shooping

Thursday, 15 December 2011

I am off to send a parcel to my family in Germany (already late) and do a last shopping round for mum, boyfriend and friends back in Spain. You would think I would have done it yet, specially since I have been in so many fairs and markets lately. But when you are exhibiting on your own, there is little chance of wondering around.

I am afraid that the last day for shipment outside the UK is gone, all I can do is to extend the day to the 20th for the UK only.  Take advantage of a 10% discount I am offering in my shop. All you have to do is to enter the code: 10PERCENTOFF. 

I am flying home on the 22, very excited to be with my loved ones, maybe one day I will have them all in the same place, so I can hug my mum when fancy, play with my nieces, catch with my sister and brother and have a romantic dinner with my boyfriend, without having to fly all over Europe...Sorry I just got a bit nostalgic, it must be Christmas!

What a nice weekend...

It is getting very cold in London, last night on my way back from the Etsy's craft party, I could feel the cold in my bones, got home and the boiler wasn't working. They are trying to fix it as I write, (I hope they manage to get it working otherwise I will have a heart attack).

Last weekend, we created a pop-up shop at my house/studio. Six of us gathered at home and transformed it into a xmas shop. We had plenty of yummy cakes, warm mulled wine, teas etc...and most important friends and people who came to buy our products. Of course, Missi was the center of the attention not that you can tell by this photo, I think, this was one was taken on Sunday late afternoon, he must had enough of people stroking him and trying to take him home with them...

This is my studio, a bit of a mess, but that is how I like it. With my products on displayed. 

Kate's work on the white sofa, Marian's scarfs and tea towels, Tina's soft toys, Sian's new wallpaper soon available for sell, plus her popular bears and Eleanor's homewares, she uses recycled local wood to make this beautiful items.

Thanks to all for join us, to Hillary for making a delicious gluten free cake that I could eat, to the general public who bought our products and friends who shared with us this weekend. Next event would be in Spring, I will keep you post it!

Christmas delivery dates

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hola, just a quick note on the shipping dates. If you are considering on purchasing any products from my shop, please be aware of the dates below.

chocolate creative Christmas shipping dates: 
Last day to UK – Monday 19th Dec
Rest of the world – Thursday 15th Dec

NEW handmade Christmas decorations

Monday, 5 December 2011

Back from a hectic week, and glad to be at my home/studio. It is freezing out there, and I have been very busy with fairs, and at the office where I freelance as a graphic designer. Sometimes things get a bit too much, as I can never predict how much work is coming my way, plus November/December are the busiest months for chocolate creative. I am not complaining about being busy, I love what I do, just wish I had more time to focus on Xmas decorating, to enjoy the city and see my friends...I am lucky I got to make this Christmas decorations with my mother, while she was visiting. I have said before, that she is the perfect working partner. She is getting old, but still love working with me on new products, she has asked me already if I am taken home some work withe me, so she can help me with it, is it not sweet? We made only a few of each design, so stock is limited. So if you fancy some handmade Xmas decorations head over to the shop. How is your decorating going? please leave a comment with a link to your Xmas photos.