NEW handmade Christmas decorations

Monday 5 December 2011

Back from a hectic week, and glad to be at my home/studio. It is freezing out there, and I have been very busy with fairs, and at the office where I freelance as a graphic designer. Sometimes things get a bit too much, as I can never predict how much work is coming my way, plus November/December are the busiest months for chocolate creative. I am not complaining about being busy, I love what I do, just wish I had more time to focus on Xmas decorating, to enjoy the city and see my friends...I am lucky I got to make this Christmas decorations with my mother, while she was visiting. I have said before, that she is the perfect working partner. She is getting old, but still love working with me on new products, she has asked me already if I am taken home some work withe me, so she can help me with it, is it not sweet? We made only a few of each design, so stock is limited. So if you fancy some handmade Xmas decorations head over to the shop. How is your decorating going? please leave a comment with a link to your Xmas photos.


  1. Son unos adornos realmente preciosos, me han encantado.
    Yo este año pretendo hacer de mi casa un bosque lleno de lágrimas de cristal.

  2. Son preciosos, no podia gustarme más la presentación con el buen gusto al que nos tienes acostumbrados.
    Muchos besos

  3. Gracias chicas, mi madre me ayudo a hacerlos, saludos desde Londres!

  4. Me encanta esta decoración navideña, pero lo que más me gusta es imaginar a tu madre ayudándote con los pedidos que tienes.
    A veces uno piensa que Navidad es comprar, los dulces, las comidas... pero creo que el compartir, como lo hacéis tu madre y tú es la verdadera Navidad.
    Felicidades por ello.