Handmade Christmas Pop-up shop

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Some of my friends and I have put together the handmade Christmas pop-up shop at my place. We had a lot of fun last year, and wanted to welcome all of you come along at this year's event. We will make delicious treats and warm drinks. More info about the designers, dates, etc at this link.

Some Christmas photos...

Thinking of new ways to take this year's Xmas photos, (I know I am extremely late) came across the first photos Piero and I took together. I cat not believe that this was 2 years ago, I was very nervous because I did not know what to do or how to style the products, plus have never worked with Piero before. I have to say that this was one of the most successful photoshoot we have ever done up to date. I since them learned a lot about styling, and Piero and I make a good team, he takes the photos, so all the credits goes to him, but I do my little job as a stylish and art director. I adore working on photoshoot, and seeing the products in the final photos, and I wish I had more time to dedicate to this area of my work. 

I hope we manage to wrap some spare last minute time and take some photos before Xmas, I have 3 more events to attend and plenty to do, but I am sure we will... 

(Whatever is going on in the house...Missi has the need be the center of the attention)

(images By Piero)

Etsy events in London

Etsy Lab: Christmas with Crafternoon Tea Club
Where: The Etsy Christmas Grotto, The Trampery, 13-19 Bevenden Street, London, N1 6AA
When: Thursday 8th December, 6.30pm – 10pm RSVP: http://etsychristmash.eventbrite.com

Etsy and Crafternoon Tea Club have joined forces for a ‘Gift swapping and re-gifting Christmas Spesh”. This drop-in evening pop-up party will features games and crafts – all with the clear message; that beauty can be found in something that’s been rejected. It’s all about elevating the everyday, re-loving pre-loved.

Guests are encouraged to bring along unwanted gifts, no-longer needed objects (books) and homemade items that can be lovingly repackaged and re-gifted to friends, family or charity. Fear not if you don’t have anything to bring – there will also be a selection of gifts to choose from too.

Etsy Lab: Pimp My Table
Where: The Etsy Christmas Grotto, The Trampery, 13-19 Bevenden Street, London, N1 6AA
When: Wednesday 14th December, 6.30pm – 10pm RSVP: http://etsypimpmytable.eventbrite.com

The second event to be hosted at the Etsy grotto will see famous Etsy illustrator, Heidi Burton, leads the way in re-designing and brightening up your dull dishes, just in time for the biggest meal of the year. Bring your dull dishes out from the back of the kitchen cupboard and give them a makeover like never before.

Christmas Gift tags

Hola Hola, I am back from the madness, I have been out and about in different shows, and have to admit I am glad to be back at my home/studio. 3 different shows in 1 week, it is a bit too much, my body does not cope well with dragging the products across London, day after day...Thanks Carmen for looking after my stand at Craft central, and Tina for bringing me warm soup etc...I will post soon some photos of the shows. 

I am very excited that Christmas is round the corner, I hope to start decorating the house this weekend, and planning for the open house at my home/studio, and most important only 3 weeks left before I fly home to mum, boyfriend, and sunny weather. I have made some Christmas products and will be posting about them as I go. 

I love working with japanese tape, and glassine paper, my colors are very neutral black, red and white, and the designs are simple illustrations in black, based on some of my previous designs such as the deer cameo. Each pack has 8 tags in 4 different designs. 

I will be at BUST TOMORROW

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Are you coming to Craftacular tomorrow? if so, come and say hello, I will be there all day, I can't wait to see the other designers/makers, beautiful products and enjoy the buzz of the fair. See you there!!

Deer print in the pages of ELLE decoration

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Last Saturday I was having my morning coffee and browsing the latest issue of ELLE Decoration, when I almost had a heart attack, haha...passing the pages and there it was, my deer print among other gorgeous products. I did not know about it at all, so it was a very pleasant surprise to see it in the magazine.

I have this obsession with rearranging things around the house. The print has been in different corners of it, and currently is in my bedroom. I like the contrast of the black graphic image against the light wall blue. Who knows where it will go next...

NEW hooks and knobs now available from the shop

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I am pleased to say that the NEW hooks and knows have been finally added to the shop. Since we launched them in 100% Design last September, we have been concentrated in wholesale orders, and Gassy has just finished the ones for the shop. The hooks and knobs are handmade in plywood, painted with water based paints and finish with eco water based varnish.

There are 5 different designs and 3 colors to choose from. Makes me happy to see them going to different countries, shops and homes, soon in Japan, already in the UK, (still top secret, they have gone already to dress some of the furniture for the new shops of a very well known UK based Designer's shop).

Who was going to tell me about a year ago, when I first started to think of how to make the hooks/knobs, that my now partner was going to make them and deliver such a good job, Well done Gassy!! I am good at textiles and paper, but not way I could have made them from scratch on my own.

I will be offering a 10% discount when buying from 2 units onwards, until the end of November, CODE: 10KNOBSHOOKS.

HOOKS: 5 different designs to choose from.

Knobs colors are yellow, pink and red.