My house in ELLE DECO Spain...

Wednesday 18 August 2010

I love ELLE magazine, specially the deco edition, many times I have said in here that the UK version of Elle is one of my favorites interiors magazines, so having found the Spanish online version of it is a bonus! I don't get to read much in Spanish this days and my house has never being featured in any Spanish sites or magazines, so seeing the photos of my house being featured in ELLE DECO makes me very happy!!
Adoro la revista ELLE, especialmente la versión de decoración Inglesa, así que haber encontrado la página de ELLE DECO en Español es todo un bonus!!, ver mi casa publicada en su web me hace muy feliz!


  1. Excellent! Your house looks fab Marga! Kxx

  2. How wonderful! Have a sweet day!

  3. wow, that's awesome, congratulations!
    would still love to feature Chocolate Creative in an interview on my blog, whenever you have time, thanks:)

  4. Well done Marga! It all looks beautiful, what a great house.
    How's your summer going? xx