Tea cups and roses by Selina Lake

Monday, 31 August 2009

Who likes vintage tea cups and roses? I certainly do and share this passion with UK based stylist Selina lake, author of the beautiful Bazaar Style book, and many other inspiring interiors featured in Living Etc, You magazine, Country Homes, and many other magazines...Her work is a constant source of inspiration...

Me encanta el trabajo de las estilísta británica Selina Lake, sobre todo las fotos de rosas y cerámica vintage,  Selina es la autora de Bazaar Style, unos de los mejores libros de interiorismo que se han publicado últimamante, su trabajo es una constante fuente de inpsiración...

Beautiful drawings by The parasol magazine editor

Monday, 24 August 2009

Very simple but beautiful drawings, I have always liked black ink drawings, and this ones on paper doilies are very cute. I was browsing  a print a day blog, and found them together with so many other interesting things!! What I didn't know is that this blog was related to parasol magazine online, which I love and find very inspirational, specially since they just have launched the first craft issue. (see pictures below and enjoy).

Me encantan estos dibujos en papel, son muy sencillos pero bonitos, los encontré en el blog a print a day, junto con muchas otras ideas e inspiración. La editora del blog ha producido la primera edición de parasol una revista electrónica dedicada enteramente al craft.

Cambodian´s childrens by Juan Romero

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Enjoy this photos by Juan Romero, a constant traveler and friend of mine. This beautiful children were as he told the best thing he met in his travel. They were happy, content with their lives, friendly and curious about new things, adorable kids!! I remember having the same experience when I travel around Thailand, I brought back with me this great experience and memories of having met this amazing kids and people in general!!

Disfruta estas fotos de Juan Romero, un eterno viajante y damante de esta parte de Asia. 
Los crios son Adorables!!

Niemeyer museum in Niteroi, Brazil

Hello from Peckham, I am at home, bored to the limit, (even my cat had enough of me)...Have spent the past week mainly indoors due to a nasty flu, that have kept me away from work and the things I like doing, like the blog, my cushions, the craft fair Kate and me were doing today and have to canceled, etc...I am here trying to get some inspiration going, but my head is not clear and my body is sore all over, so I have spent the past hour looking at my personal photo album, and found this photos from my trip to Brazil a couple of years ago. This is the Niteroi Contemporary art museum in Niteroi, a city outside Rio de Janeiro. I am a big fan of Niemeyer's work, so I couldn't wait to visit this building, but for my surprise it was closed in preparation for a new exhibition, I begged the lady at the reception to let me in, explained I came all the way from London to see it, but wasn't enough to convinced her...Well, at least I enjoyed the outdoors view which I have been told is the best anyway. It is an amazing piece of architecture, surrounded by water and nature. it is quite surrealist to stand next to it, you feel like in a different planet or like in a futuristic movie from the 50's.

Aqui estoy en mi casa, aburrida como una ostra, hasta mi gato esta harto de mi!! He pillado una gripe que me ha dejado parada...aqui estoy intentando hacer cosas, pero la cabeza me da vueltas y el cuerpo me duele, asi que me he pasado la última hora mirando fotos de mi viaje a Brasil.  Soy una gan fan del arquitecto Niemeyer y de su trabajo, y no podia esperar para visitar este museo de Arte Contemporaneo en la cuidad de Niteroi. Estaba cerrado cuando fuí, pero al menos disfruté del exterior, es una pasada!! Es como estar en otro planeta o en una película de ficción de los años 50.

Photos Chocolate Creative

So much inspiration...In The SELBY...

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Remember this name SELBY, I am going to be posting a lot about it, I love this website, a place to feature photographs, paintings and videos by photographer Todd Selby of interesting people and their creative spaces. A real treat and rare opportunity to take an intimate look at these people's homes and lives, full of small details, funny finds, secrets, art, personal items, each place is a different world on its own, it is true when people say that a home is a reflection of the people who live in it!! I truly believe this!! This is my random selection of photos, there is a shop where to buy the Selby book, (pictured below), posters, etc...

Recuerda este nombre SELBY, es una página dedicada a las personas y sus espacios fotografiados por el fotógrafo Todd Selby, me puedo pasar horas examinando estas fotos, llenas de detalles, recuerdos, secretos y mucho más...una mirada muy íntima de las personas que habitan estos lugares tan apasionantes e inspiradores!!

Beautiful paper goods from Australia...

Monday, 17 August 2009

I learnt about Follow Studio browsing flickr, what a great site!! I was taken by the pictures in their profile, first the house, the landscape and the cute dog...later by their paper designs, very simple and well crafted, this is just a small selection of their range, more in their website.

Un dia buscando inspiración en Flickr, me encontré con estas fotos del studio de diseño australiano Follow Studio, ellos se especializan en papeleria, sobre todo para bodas y eventos, sus diseños son muy sencillos y elegantes...y que te parece la casa? preciosa no??

Inspiration from Twig Hutchinson

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

It has been an amazing sunny warm week here in London, and it seems it is going to stay like this for a few more days...My dream life would be to live in this amazing city, with this weather for almost all year, with Canary Islands (where I am from), just half and hour by car from here, with my language, food, family, friends, beach, culture, etc...would it not be perfect? 
This photo from stylist Twig from England represent how I feel this days, when the SUN is out, I feel closer to nature and just want to be outdoors all the time or seating in my garden...

Her work is a treat for the eyes!! Absolutely gorgeous and very inspirational. She was commissioned by Toast to design and style their store in London, she styles, designs and above all inspire all with her work!

Esta semana ha sido de lo más bonita en Londres, el Sol ha salido todos los dias, un milagro tratandose de Londres, ojalá permanezca así por muchos más días...esta foto de la estilista Twig, muestra como me he sentido estos días, más cercana a la naturaleza, y deseando pasar más tiempo en mi jardín, paseando en el parque y por ahí disfrutando del clima y la cuidad...solo me falta la playa.


Taking place in the capital’s most exciting venue, the Truman Brewery, a vast reclaimed industrial site in Brick Lane, Tent London is the most comprehensive and diverse design exhibition of the year during the London Design Festival.

Tent London consists of a collection of shows, competitions and installations covering art and architecture, vintage and contemporary design by emerging and established designers, dealers, retailers, manufacturers and brands from around the world. 

I can't wait to see Tent London 2009, there is so much going on, I will be posting about my finds of this year!! If you are in London I am sure you won't miss it!! 

Tengo muchas ganas de asistir a Tent London 2009, hay tantas cosas que ver, que a veces es demasiado, si estas por Londres, estoy segura de que no te lo perderás!!

Goodness shop

Goodness is a hopeful universe that sells things that do good and are good. good for you and good for our tired little planet!! This Swedish eco shop is run by Halina, who happen to be English but now live in helsingborg sweden. 

I share her views on recycling, eco products and trying to make this planet a better greener one for all of us, so well done Goodness!! Check their website for all the green goodies...

Goodness es una tienda sueca ecológogica, cuya filosofía es crear un mundo más verde y mejor para todos.  Yo comparto esta creencia y creo indispensable que todos aportemos algo para mejorar nuestro planeta y así vivir mejor y que nos duro mucho mas...


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

(Photos via Sasa Antic)