Harriot Smith gorgeous work

Thursday, 30 July 2009

When I saw Harriot's work at the New Designers Show I was taken by its beauty and complexity. I think this is the most innovative piece of work I saw this year, the mix of ceramics, fabrics, knitting and her choice of colors, SUBLIME!! Needless to say the amount of work that goes in each piece. She has worked very hard and it shows!! Well done Harriot!! 

In her words...Inspired by teacups, the porcelain white structure and the floral, intricate edges inform the development of my knitted fabrics. Recycling teacups has become a strong element throughout my work, creating new forms and use for the ceramic material. The porcelain from teacups becomes a material in my collection, forming buttons, jewellery and collars to create a diverse collection of garments and accessories. Exploring Victorian period clothing introduces elements of shape, structure, fabrics and construction to create simple, elegant knitwear. Combining a variation of techniques, fine gauge, CAD and crochet creates depth and pattern within the collection. Alongside this I have developed great technical skills and created a range of interesting fabrics combining a variety of materials with my knitted fabrics.

I am a knitted textile designer who introduces new forms of material within my collections. Combining a variation of techniques from fine gauge to crochet I mix silk with lycra to create an interesting contrast of fibres. I love the richness and luxuriousness of silk with the contrast of lycra, a more substantional fibre that creates shape and structure. I like to focus on the details and finishings of my garments and accessories, as I feel this is an essential element to my work.

Liberty art fabrics collaboration

Liberty has collaborated with some of the most exciting artists in the world to create a new collection of exclusive designs for our iconic Liberty Art Fabric range.

Six leading artists, including Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry, Paul Morrison, Mike McInnerney, Michael Angove, Anj Smith and Simon Hart have drawn on Liberty’s rich heritage and infused it with contemporary creativity to create a truly extraordinary collection of prints. The collection is now available online and in store, in anticipation of PRINTS CHARMING, a forthcoming exhibition celebrating the timeless appeal of the Liberty print.

This are my favorites!!

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry

Anj Smith

A few corners of my house

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A few favorite corners and things in my house, enjoy.

I love collecting cups and saucers, but have to be careful my house is getting a bit crowded...

My favorite old country farm table, found in a junk place in Peckham, and some of my prints on the wall, I made them a couple of years ago, and I am hoping to do some new work soon...

Old plant pots I got in Norwich, a vintage coffee pot...

My reading corner by the window

Wonders at The RUG company

This is my personal selection of images from the RUG Company's impressive portfolio. Not only the rugs, cushions, and wall hanging are amazing but the way they have styled the interiors to show their products is fantastic and very inspirational too. Of course I can only dream with owning one of this designs one day, but that doesn't stop me to still enjoy looking at the pictures and get inspiration and admire the designers behind the designs. I wouldn't change a single thing in this spaces, decayed  walls, gorgeous furniture, quirky accessories, and above all amazing RUGS!!

Woof! Woof!

Monday, 27 July 2009

My daughter just told me she wanted to go to bed (she does this by sticking her bum in the air in a down dog pose) so I thought I'd take this rare opportunity to write a little post about two magnificent online shops.

The first has the most brilliant name 'Steptoe's Dog' and is a treasure trove of vintage goodies from clothes to kitchen paraphenalia via costume jewellery and accessories

...and so to continue the canine theme is the fabulous Whippet Grey, an utterly lovely shop whose buyers take great pains to chose a wide variety of homeware including children's toys, garden and kitchenware, decorations and rare finds. The one thing that links them all is the quality in craftsmanship and detail. Unfortunately I can't take any photos off their site as it's flash but I leave you with a picture of their whippet and urge you to take a look at the catalogue and blog

Beautiful things...

Sunday, 26 July 2009

I leave you for today with my my elephant and chesterfield, two of the things I love the most in my house after my cat Missi of course, he comes first!! and the cushions!!  The elephant is made of vintage Pakistani's quilts, I bought it from an amazing textile shop around Victoria area. And the chesterfield I found it in Peckham Hight Street, on my way to do the shopping, I paid £75 for it, the Century's bargain!!

Have a nice evening and good Monday tomorrow.

Photos Piero Pierini for Chocolate Creative

Nicola Brown work

Nicola was born in Edinburgh and now lives in the borders. She is inspired by everything and anything and just love creating. Nicola's work is based upon dyslexia and the fragmentation of words. 

In her words...I wanted to create material that resembled pages of books and layers. I did this by using cotton organdie and paper nylon as they are easily sculptied. I used lazer cutting as i wanted to be able to see through layers of material making the printed words distorted and so resemble the idea of dyslexia.

Very delicate and beautiful, I like the use of words, layering and threads trough her work. 

Hermanos Campana chairs

I am sure you are familiar with the Campana's broteres work. Fernando and Humberto Campana, are two designer from Brazil, their work is famous for using recycled and unusal materials to produce their pieces.  My favorite ones are this chairs made of teddy bears and fabric dolls. 

Chocolate Creative at the BUST fair in London

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Just a quick note to announce that Chocolate Creative will be at the BUST fair in London. Kate and me will be there selling our beautiful textiles. If you happen to be in the city, pop around and come and say hello, it is going to be a FUN day!!


NOON – 8pm
York Hall, Bethnal Green, London
Following the huge success of the Christmas event, BUST Magazine brings you the London Summer Craftacular! It’s an all day shopping and music extravaganza featuring the nation's hottest DIY talent. Cool off with a spritzer or down a pint while you learn to craft. Then listen to DJ’s as you browse handmade wares, from jewelry and essential summer accessories to home décor and cards. Goodie bags for the first 100 attendees, raffle and more! Admission: £ 2

Talented Piero...Amazing illustrations

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I have known Piero for almost 10 years!! He is one of my dearest friends, and a very talented illustrator, (he is Chocolate Creative photographer as well). He was born in Ciudad de la Plata, Argentina, where he studied Fine Art and had  a very pleasant life, but one day decided to come to London around 12 years ago, with his lovely wife, Silvina in search of new horinzons and adventures. Here is a brief proof of his talent, he is known for spending all day watching and drawing people from his favorite cafe in Portobello...I admire him and his work very much!!