Momiji Couture Content

Friday 17 July 2009

I met Claire from Momiji at New Designers, the colorful graphics in their stand grabbed my attention so I stopped to see what was all about it. She explained about the dolls concept and about the Couture contest, which I think, is a brilliant idea, such a great way to express your creativity, I can't wait to see all the cute dolls people will create, good luck to all the entries.  

Here’s your chance to put your fashion and textile flair to the test as we challenge you to create a fabric Momiji doll.

Momiji are message dolls, each doll has a space in its base for a secret message. Our Couture Contest is a playful new direction; we’re looking for one-off, fabric dolls. You can create your doll using a combination of any textile methods you like; weaving, printing, knitting, embroidery....the list goes on.

The fabric dolls will be significantly larger than regular Momiji; you’ll find more details in our ‘How to Enter’ section.

Entries will be marked on overall wow-factor as well as skill and craftsmanship.

Our aim is to create a catwalk of exquisite Momiji dolls which show off the skill and flair of textile artists around the world. A shortlist of ten finalists will be chosen by our panel of experts. These ten dolls will be exhibited at Royal /T in Los Angeles. The judges will vote to select an overall winner. The winning entry will be featured in Selvedge magazine and we’ll be working with our press team to tell the world about you and your textile talent.


  1. How totally brilliant! I may enter myself, but have passed the details onto a textile-fabulous friend of mine and also begged her to enter.

    I love your blog, it's full of wonderful inspirational magical stuff. Lovely!!

  2. Hi! Do you live in Brixton? I noticed you have Farley Heath Designs on your page, so you must know Ali?