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Thursday 7 July 2016

I love gardens, parks, the countryside, flowers and plants, but for someone who suffers from a very bad case of hay fever, gardening becomes a very unpleasant task to say the least, plus I have a tendency to kill anything green and alive that I bring home, so that explain why the garden (photo below) is looking so unloved.
I am very lucky to live in a house with a decent size back and front outdoor spaces. Back in Gran Canaria, I would have to live in the countryside to have access to this green space, but here in London, almost every house has a garden. As you can see, I hardly have any plants going, just a few roses and lavender that have survived over the years, but this Summer, I am determined to learn how to take care of the garden. This whole thing is very challenging for me, as I don't have the knowledge, or the money to employ an expert, so I will have to do it on my own, with the help of my friends.

A visit to Charlene's house, has inspired me to create a wild garden, she has some tropical plants and very beautiful flowers in hers. With a very small budget, I have to get creative, my priority is to get rid of the grass, as it does affects me a lot, and cover it with gravel, any other suggestions? I will dig some beds around the edges for flowers and plants, and create a dining area, for dinners al fresco (when English weather allows). At this point I can only make small changes, but hopefully they will improve the space, and would make my life easier.
graden, planting
garden table, flowers, plants
For the seating area, I would like to get a German beer table and bench, as they are narrow, and would fit the small space at the front of the garden. I like the idea of the French style bistro table too, all very simple and practical, as I would need to put the furniture away for the Winter months.
german beer bench, cactusBistro table style, outdoors furniture
plant potsI will add a mix of plant pots from different styles, sizes and materials, to create a relax and informal setting, for me, it is not about luxury or expensive perfect looks, but quite the opposite. Wish me luck, as I am going to need it, and please leave a comment if you have any suggestions that will help me to improve the messy garden at home, they will be very welcome!
Petersham Nurseries, metal vintage garden furniture

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