Friday 28 February 2014

Time to finish what I started years and years ago. My first ever drawings at Kew Garden, while studying Textiles were about cactus and tropical plants, but the theme seemed very close to my background and culture at the time, (I wanted to do something totally different), so I decided not to pursue these ideas and left them behind in my sketch's books. Many years later and I find myself looking back and this drawings, and getting more and more into this theme. For years now I have been taken photos and drawing more and more cactus, so I feel it is about time I put all of this into a collection. I am planing to spend the weekend at the Barbican Conservatory and visit kew Gardens, as I  still have to gather more ideas, and I really fancy a quiet weekend focusing on my creative work. Nice weekend to everybody!
(please do not use these photos, they are my drawings and work in process, much appreciated it)

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