Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Reading an Spanish magazine a while ago, I came across the work and world of La casita de Wendy. an Spanish brand founded by two Spanish designers from Madrid, Ines and Ivan. I instantly fall in love with their creations and philosophy.  Love their quirky drawing, color combinations, hand knitted and handmade pieces. They also have a studio, where they offer different design workshops. Check their blog for more photos, words and nice every day photos. So much talented out there...


Monday, 25 February 2013

Good morning Monday, nice weekend? Mine was relaxing and cosy, spent at home, doing some work and cooking some new recipes. It is till very cold in London, and wishing the Spring was around the corner, but it seems our English Winter is here to stay… I have been discovering new blogs and the creative’s work and people behind them. I am taken by NY based floral designer and stylist Amy Merrick’s work, it is seriously gorgeous and full of talent. Her flower arrangements have got that old botanic feel to it, organic and wild, that I so much like, and her studio, hello what a dream space!! Her blog has become one of my new must ones.
(photos from amymerrick site and blog)


Friday, 22 February 2013

I tend to spend a lot of my time sourcing materials, specially fabrics. I work mainly with linen which is becoming very expensive and difficult to find in the UK at a reasonable price. I tend to get my fabrics online, but recently wanted to explore a famous area in Shepherds Bush called Goldhawk. I have never seen so many fabric shops concentrated in one street. Some of them stocking amazing linens, Liberty's, silks, cottons wools, etc... Although I have to say that after spending hours exploring each of them I came to the conclusion that if you are looking for fabrics to make homewares this is perhaps not the best place to go, but if you are into fashion OMG, don't waste your time, rush there, you are in for a treat.