Friday 18 October 2013

One of the reasons why I travelled to Amsterdam a few weeks ago, was to see and visit the so many fantastic design shops and design that the capital has to offer, so imagine my exictment when I arrived at the hotel I was staying, late in the evening to realise it was opposite to the new HAY shop. Needless to say I left some of my cash in there...
A big space, filled with gorgeous products and colours, all perfectly designed and displayed. I want to work for HAY, please get me a job in there! One of my favourite pieces is the elephant chair, super cute, and the combination of wood and pastel colours, and the super quality of their products, and everything...

Another gorgeous shop, this time called Restored, l like their philosophy and what they stock. Lots of practical clothes, bags, home-wares, magazines, books and beautiful jewellery and ceramics, from independent designers/brands, and the most gorgeous shop front. Ahhh I want my own shop!!!
 Photos by me

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