Monday 26 August 2013

Hello all, nice week, and weekend? It is bank holidays in the UK, so taken today easy. It is being a hell of week, still very upset about the COPYCAT or most precise total robbery of my work, I am dealing with that and hope to get some results soon, I will keep you post it on it.

I wanted to show you a photo that Piero took of Missi and I, is he not gorgeous? he is such a sweet cat and I love him to bits. He keeps me company while I work and in the house, I spend a lot of time on my own (love it), but sometimes can feel a bit too much, so having him around, demanding food, playing with fabrics and plastics in the studio, going into the boxes, and messing around with my paper work, keeps me entertained. Do you have a pet? if I could afford it and I wouldn't have to travel so often, I would have a dog, a rabbit and a kitten, maybe one day, back in Gran Canaria, when I have become an old lady...


  1. Que foto más bonita, Marga.... ese gato se merece que le hagas un retrato pintado como tu sabes... Es una preciosidad....

    Y sí, yo también tendría de todo, mis tres gatos y perro, y loro, y, y, y, .... todo