Tuesday 28 May 2013

Hello hello it is being a while since I last post in here, but work and personal life have kept me very busy. I am going home in a few days for 3 weeks to work and get some ME time, and have to make sure I leave the studio organised and sorted so my new intern, Stef can take care of the deliveries while I am away. I rarely ever take proper time off, and flying to Spain can be at times more stressful than relaxing, specially when I am about to launch new products and there are so much to be done.

I have been wanted to do fabric by the meter for quite sometime and I have finally managed to do so, and to try it out I thought this chair project would be the perfect beginning to test the design and the fabric. I got this two mid century chairs for about £60 on my way to Pilates as I instantly got excited about how well they will suit the new fabrics.

Upholstering the chairs is easier than you may think, it has taken me a couple of hours to make one, with the help of Stef, and all you need is a good piece of  furniture, some nice fabrics, and a few other things, (as seen in the photos).

I am hoping to use the new chairs in the next photo-shoot, happening this week, pls wish me luck as I am not feeling very inspired right now, maybe it is about time I ask for help on the styling side of things, someone else perspective/eyes will be nice...


  1. Margarita, bella la tela!!!!! estoy rebozando de envidia sana... y el resultado del retapizado es fabuloso!!!! I´m wishing you Good luck as you asked, but I don´t think you need it, you have losts of creativity and magic hands!!!! Congrats!!!!

  2. Wow what a steal - 2 for 60 quid! The fabric suits the chair perfectly. I still have an Ercol rocker I found on the street that needs this kind of TLC!