Tuesday, 16 April 2013

This B&W mono print was done quite a few years back, together with a series of etchings in medium/big format. I used to do printmaking in a big studio, so I was able to produce this work and many other pieces, which I have sold over the years. You may probably have see it, as it has appeared in many of the photos I take around the house, in the photoshoot for the products, and in different blogs around the world: thanks Remodelista, (one of my fav sites), for sharing my work. A lot of people keep asking me about it, if I sell it in my shop, or where could they get it from, well nowhere right now, but I will be making a limited edition series of it and some other motives very soon, but this time they will be printed using the Giclee technique. These are some of the pencil studies/sketches I did when working on this series, I spent a lot of time on this work, and I loved the process, from drawing to the actual printing, preparing and inking the plates, the press machines, seeing the final result, etc...maybe I will get into printmaking again...but need to find the studio and the time first...

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