Thursday 2 August 2012

Nice busy day in London, catching up on work after I took yesterday off to got to Hastings, I am not ready to leave GB yet, this country is way to gorgeous and give me so much, I am grateful for the little trips I take outside London, next week Norwich, a quick visit to my dear friend Kate and family, will post photos in a few days.

My friend Victoria told me about her cousin's bakery pan de lino in La Coruna, Spain, and I couldn't help to shout about it, love it all, the interiors, food, treats, delicatessen, goods and philosophy behind the shop/bakery, handmade, organic, good service and simply enjoy the old traditions and slow pace of life. One day I hope to open a similar space back in Gran Canaria, but more focussed on homewares, design and vintage. 


  1. Un lugar precioso y encantador, llama a entrar en él, si me acerco a la Coruña no dudaré en pasarme.

    Un abrazo

  2. OH I've been here already. totally recomend this to anyone. my daughter played at the left corner of your second photo while me and my husband chatted after lunch. beautiful interiors!

  3. El sitio es bonito, como casi todas las Bakerys. Los productos que ofrecen están bien. La atención es horrible, no puede ser peor. Es tan mala que conozco a muchas personas que dejaron de ir por este motivo. No porque los camareros sean desagradables sino porque no debieron de trabajar de camareros jamás. Horrible.

    Isabel Caamaño.

  4. Very lovely Marga! Really looking forward to seeing you next week..Kxxx

  5. That's lovely design Margarets, Mind to connect maybe via linkedin or else to sharing about design or else.

    Warm regards

    Martiana riandini