Monday, 23 May 2011

Romantic versus dark vintage

I don't know about you, but I like way too many styles to stick to just one. I love the vintage look that old furniture, (my dear chester) and a few junk finds give to a room, combined with a dark wall and a few more modern pieces together with ethnic treasures. Since I started my cameos collection I have been more drawn into dark victorian images and spaces, It makes the house feels cosy and very English; but at the same time love the tranquility and clean lines of a white wall, and furniture, with roses and a more feminine touch, not too girly just the right balance. So since I can not make my mind up I keep changing and rearranging things around the house...what look do you prefer? What is your choice of style when it comes to decorating your home?
(photos by chocolate creative)


  1. I like to have a neutral base and accessorise the room with a colour or theme - I get bored easily so this way I can change the room without too much expense!

  2. Hablas español? Genial! así me resultará más fácil escribirte :P

  3. I try to mix and match different styles in interior design. Also, what I feel when I particularly view the end result is important to me :) nice photos though

  4. Who did the painting/illustration above your sofa? The large one in a birch wooden frame? Is that you?

  5. I can't stop searching your blog for info on the amazing print (b&w) that appears in your photos, and specifically here above the couch in the last photo. Sorry if you get this question all the time: where is it from? If you're the artist, I think it is beautiful!


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