Mix and match tea time

Monday, 2 May 2011

Back from the Royal Wedding and bank holidays weekend. After I came back from Spain a few weeks back, weather in London have been amazing and a days off have been happening one after another, visit from my friends from Barcelona, presents from Kate to celebrate my 40's!, etc...Of course I have been working in between, preparing the house and stock for the Open House weekend, and making tea candles...

Kate and me had a mix and match tea party on Friday, she gave me lovely presents, (prints and a nice ceramic pot), and we had tasty cakes and tea while chatting away for ours...(Thanks Kate for my presents, totally love them!).

My lovely new print and candle tea lights I am working on, I have printed new designs and I hoping to have them ready to sell over the weekend...


  1. wow! ... tea! ... my favorite :)
    Looking forward to the open house!! ... i suppose you are a busy bee! ... good luck with everything and let me know if you need a pair of helping hands! xx

  2. by the way love the print!

  3. Ooh lovely, there is nothing like a tea party with some pretty china and yummy cakes! :-)

    Jem xXx

  4. Pretty realigned, what are they made of?

  5. Tealights, not realigned, obviously. Stupid predictor text!

  6. Matcha…wow the name itself reveals much about the green tea and this post completes the remaining job.