Thursday, 31 March 2011

Of cabbages & kings market

Free this weekend?? Fancy some good quality design products, delicious cakes and tea? Then head to the Of cabbages & kings Market, up in Stoke Newington, North London. Kate and me, spent a Saturday afternoon, admiring the different products for sell, and discovering new shops around the area, including the of cabbages & kings shop itself. She will be selling her gorgeous products at this weekend's market, together with many more talented designers/crafters, shame I could not make it, as I am flying to Spain on Monday, and need to leave a lot of stock ready before flying home.

Kate Clarke London colorful and fresh products

The gorgeous of Cabbages & Kings shop

Gorgeous illustrations by seventy tree
They will be at the market as well, so no excuses to miss their cute work.


  1. pretty stuff!

  2. GORGEOUS! I LOVE that fox! Weird how I have a thing for foxes even though I adore my hens?! :)

  3. Nos gusta mucho la composición de los dibujos.

    We like the composition of the drawings.

  4. Hello! I keep meaning to say thank you for featuring me on your lovely blog. Thank you! Sadly I had to cancel my stall, but I will be at the next one, so please come and say hello if you are about! Enjoy your week :)


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