Vintage craft magazines

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hello from another beautiful morning in South London, Sun is out and it is not very cold, no rain coming our way for a couple of days, juts the right temperature for a nice walk in the park, it is so beautiful at this time of the year...
I have started collecting vintage paper products, such as posters, leaflet, brochures, etc...I found this gorgeous French craft magazines in a vintage fair outside London, they are gorgeous. I am thinking of framing one of them. They talk about craft projects, interiors, and have wonderful illustrations, I like the quality of old paper, that have been used and old fashion typography and layout styles!!

Halloween in London

Last night was so much fun, I went to a Halloween parade up in East London, people were dress up and having fun around the city, scary good fun!!

NEW prints

Saturday, 30 October 2010

These NEW prints would be soon available from the online shop. I have been developing new products, and I am very happy with the new prints. They are silk screen printed by me, I have enjoyed printing on paper very much, I was a bit nervous in the beginning as I haven't print on paper for years, it is a different feel to when printing on fabrics, but I love working with this medium and experimenting on different papers and sizes, The first designs are, the 'LOVE message' and 'deer cameo', I will be incorporating new images as I go.

Piero, my friend and photographer, came home yesterday to take photos of the new products, I always enjoy working with him very much, we make a good team, what do you think of the new photos? I have been decorating the house lately, rearranging things around, painting a wall in black, chairs etc...
Photos by Piero Pierini for chocolate creative

Back in London from my beautiful island....

Hello all, I am back in London, happy to be at home, specially since I missed my cat Missi so much, I know he doesn't really care if I am around or not, cats are very independent and are happy as long as someone feed and give them attention, but I rather believe that he loves me as much as I love him haha...Anyway settle back in London, always takes me a while, specially since my body have to adapt to the fact that I leave behind 30C and come to 0C, never easy. The landscape is so different as well, I live in the South of the Island, surrounded by beach and mountains, well and tourist resorts, that make you feel like you are in a permanent holiday...can't really complain, I am very lucky to have to places to call home, together, they are the perfect combination, I just wish I could bring Missi with me...

A beach in a town called 'La Aldea de San Nicolas' in the North West of the island.

50's kitchen cabinets

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I LOVE old 50's kitchen cabinets, I keep finding more and more, I think I may get one soon, but first I would need to make room for it in my already crowded house...This belong to my friend Patricia, she lives in Madrid with her partner, and are decorating their flat with nice vintage pieces, very eclectic, I really like the road sign as well, we have similar tastes when it comes to decorating.

Loving this collage cargo labels

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Loving this beautiful cargo labels by friend and artist Amelia Critchlow, they are hand-created with collage, they are one off original pieces of art. Every time I browse her site I find new pieces of art I want to bring home...She is taking part in the Wandsworth Artists Open House, which I am hoping to visit this weekend before I go to Spain.

Part 1– Highlights of the London Design Festival

Friday, 1 October 2010

This year's London Design Festival was big, massive, spread all over London and with lot of new pop up shops and events, (a concept that is becoming very popular in the city), and exhibitions all over, making impossible to visit them all, so I made my list of 'must visit' places, wore comfortable shoes, drunk plenty of water and tea and made my way to the various events.

Here are my picks of the Festival...This year I was particularly impressed by Studio Toogood's project called 'SUPER NATURAL', they created this amazing space, where they displayed a collection of furniture, lighting and textiles focusing on English-sourced materials and English craftsmanship, they converted a simple back yard in a fantasy world, with a delicious cafe, inspired by the wild and natural life of the English countryside, and a magic displayed of wild mushroom by New Forest forager Mrs Tee, I felt like I was in a dream, I was totally taken by the space, it is difficul to tell the story through my photos, I strongly recomend a visit to their website for more information and photos about the project.

You were welcome by this amazing display of wild mushrooms and cafe.

Mint never never stop surprising me, they had the most clever and eclectic selection of new products and designers of the whole festival, always worth a visit...

This year's 100% Design edition was a great improvement from previous years, the show had the right mix of well established companies such as Anglepoise, which I totally love, representations from foreign countries such as Czech Republic, Spain and Nordic countries, and most important and relevant to me a good selection of designers/makers based in the UK doing fantastic work, a good example was the stand of Hidden Art, (where you could buy the products on displayed).

One of my favorites were this ceramics from SCUSI and the dailylife clock.

part 2 coming soon...