Thursday, 25 February 2010

Handmade dolls, posters and cards from La train...

I have been lucky enough to enjoy handmade dolls as a child, made by my mother for my sister and me, she even had made some for my two little nieces in Germany. I am very pleased to see that this tradition is still around as I keep seeing more and more of this creatures in different online shops and blogs. Le train Fantone, makes this beautiful dolls - so delicate and unique - I also like the posters and cards with cute styling and the dolls...

De pequeña tenía muñecas de trapo que mi madre hacía para mi hermana y para mí, las adoraba!! incluso hoy en día las sigue haciendo para mis sobrinas. Por eso me agrada tanto ver que esta tradición de hacer juguetes a mano sigue tan de moda, pues no paro de verlos en tiendas y blogs. Le Train Fantone hace unas preciosas, muy delicadas y originales, incluso tienen posters y tarjetas que son una monada.

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