Monday, 15 February 2010

Beautiful chaos at the Derriere restaurant in Paris

Next time I am in Paris I hope to visit the Derriere, a new restaurant in the city, not so much for its food, (I guess it would be delicious French cuisine), but for the interiors, I want to experience being in this beautiful chaos and see how I feel, since I am a very tidy person but for some reason keep being attracted to this messy interesting places...

La próxima vez que visité París, quiero visitar este restaurante, El Derriere, (no tanto por la comida seguro que es deliciciosa), sino por su decoración. Me gustaría experiemntar que se siente al estar en un sitio tan caótico pero a la vez tan intrigante e interesante.


  1. this makes me want to do a piece of installation art . . . fantastic!


  2. wow...reminiscent of 'living rooms' that I spent time in when I was younger and kid free....I am going to make some of those bookcases.
    great post...thanx

  3. hummmm esto me seuna ;) Este sitio es impresionente! otro buen sitio para tomar un café!

  4. yo creo que tu tienda ideal sería de cojines, trapitos de cocina y cosas preciosas... mil gracias y buena tarde!


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