NEW DESIGNS at Chocolate Creative shop

Saturday, 31 October 2009

NEW designs at Chocolate Creative shop, the Davide design, vintage and Xmas card designs are the new addition to the Vintage line. I am so happy I have managed to finish this new designs before Xmas. I am working towards expanding the vintage line to incorporate some toys and personalised cushions, but for the time being I hope you enjoy this new additions.

Inspiration (Bambi)


Saturday, 24 October 2009

I don’t know how you get to spend your Saturdays, but mine are about cleaning, tidying up, washing, shopping for food, cooking, etc…by the afternoon I am so tired and of course have to get ready to meet my dear friends, which sometimes have to say not to, due to my body and brain exhaustion…Ideally I would love to dedicate the weekend to my textiles and blog, and hang around with my mates…Today it has been a little different I decided to move my bedroom to the spare room and have the studio in the bigger room so I have more space to work!!

Here are a few photos of my new bedroom, smaller but cosier, and full of things I like, such as the little wood carved deer from Caravan, Amelia’s art, a poster of a movie I love, a knitted blanket my mother made for me, a gorgeous french mirror, a few vintage finds from different shops and market around London…Well, job done!! so now can get some food and ready to meet my friends later on, as it should be. Nice weekend to all!!

Looking for inspiration??

Friday, 23 October 2009

Creative people and their spaces, Selby is my place to look for inspiration, I like houses that tell stories about the people that live in them, their dreams, loved curiosities, great finds, unexpected pieces, I share this same need of surrounding myself with all the things that I like, create and inspire me...

Clutter City

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Clutter City is the alternative market in Norwich for crafty types, there's always something wonderful to buy and a festive atmosphere.

The Christmas market is coming up on Sat 28th Nov and as always entry is free.

Have a look at the write up on these other fab blogs Fabric Nation...Retro Chick and Lady Luck's Journal

and whilst I'm at it Clutter City have kindly reminded me of other great design blogs..a quick nod to the excellent Indie Quarter and of course superdouper UkHandmade

Amelia Critchlow beautiful art

Monday, 19 October 2009

I met Amelia for first time last weekend at the Wandsworth Artists’ open house event, together with some other lovely girls!! We spent a weekend eating cakes, drinking tea and chatting, and showing our work to the public. In between all of this we exchanged a cushion of mine for a piece of her that now seats in my bedroom!!

In her words…My work continues to explore an art (craft) often associated with a feminine tradition, with the use of hand-stitched household textiles. This is then combined with images from contemporary popular culture (magazines), to highlight issues faced by women; particularly the airbrushed and unreal imagery that encourages women to starve, cut and stitch themselves to physical ‘perfection’, making them ‘objects’ to be looked at, rather than active individuals and intelligent contributors to culture and meaning in society.

By the way her blog is very inspirational, not only her work is beautiful but the way she writes as well, her words are full of advice and positive thinking...I love reading about her creative philosophy.

{Origin 2009} James and Tilla Waters ceramics

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Origin is always filled with a wide variety of ceramics, and this year’s show wasn’t an exception. I saw very beautiful and well crafted work on display. James and Tilla Waters design’s were one of my favorites, for the delicates shapes of the vases and pots and the range of colors and marks on its decorations.

{Origin 2009} Anna Lewis jewellery

Anna’s stand at Origin was the most well arranged and beautiful I saw, not only her jewellery is stunning but the way she stylish the space was very inspirational…I love black birds, rabbits, old finds, vintage clocks lace, etc…and that and much more is what you can find in her pieces. I couldn’t resist to post so many photos of her work as they are amazing!! I always say that good quality photos are essential to show your work and attract potential clients…Browsing through her website has been like watching a gothic fairy tale …and her studio is a box full of details, old things such the baby shoes and all the laces, buttons and photos…

Photography by Elliot Daves

I strongly recommend to read her statements for each collection, myths, witches, amulets, superstitions, family memories and so much more…In my very modest opinion She has been the highlight of this year’s Origin show, well done Anna!!