{Origin 2009} Anna Lewis jewellery

Saturday 17 October 2009

Anna’s stand at Origin was the most well arranged and beautiful I saw, not only her jewellery is stunning but the way she stylish the space was very inspirational…I love black birds, rabbits, old finds, vintage clocks lace, etc…and that and much more is what you can find in her pieces. I couldn’t resist to post so many photos of her work as they are amazing!! I always say that good quality photos are essential to show your work and attract potential clients…Browsing through her website has been like watching a gothic fairy tale …and her studio is a box full of details, old things such the baby shoes and all the laces, buttons and photos…

Photography by Elliot Daves

I strongly recommend to read her statements for each collection, myths, witches, amulets, superstitions, family memories and so much more…In my very modest opinion She has been the highlight of this year’s Origin show, well done Anna!!


  1. Wow! Looks incredible, I've liked her work for ages, especially the printed feather jewellery. She was making suede jewellery around the same time as I was but hers was infinitely more beautiful, subtle colours and intricate prints. The styling is really, really good in the photos. x

  2. incredible indeed, a friend just send me some cards of her work. love it, very inspirational!

  3. Spot on! And I love that you gave it a name too, 'complexity' is an excellent name for a cow!
    I agree with everything you wrote, and I can see all these parts in your work, the layers adding presence and the final bead giving life being such a perfect description, and it fits my work too, SO TRUE!!
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