More and more talent {AURELIA DUPAS}

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Aurelia’s blankets were one of the first things I saw at the show, (BA Textile at San Martin…), I fall in love with them from the distance and the closer I got the more I liked them, so much detail, the fabric textures... She uses natural fabrics and dyes, hand stitching and silk screen print beautiful patterns!! Her collection is called Warmest Feelings Comfort blankets for adults.

In her words…Inspired by the personal attachment I developed towards my comfort blanket as a child and by the fact that it became crucial to my well-being and inherent to my emotional life, I designed and made a collection of bespoke hand-crafted comfort blankets for adults. Just like children, adults sometimes need reassurance so the blankets should bring to mind pleasant, comforting moments and reaffirm the identity of the owner. Print, as a medium, is used to convey happy moments of the owner’s life. Bearing in mind sustainability, the hand-printed blankets are made of natural fabrics and dyed using natural dyes.

I think it is a brilliant idea!! I do have my favorite blanket that my mother hand knitted for me and brought all the way from Spain to London!! I hope Aurelia gets to make tones of beautiful bespoke blankets for everybody and many more gorgeous creations!!!


Lilli’s work strike me for the surrealism of the images. Birds, parrots, dogs, plants, etc…they all seems to live in this beautiful an imaginary world…I LOVE her drawings!!

In her words…I would describe my prints as 'poetic' 'narrative based' and 'dream-like'. I tend to study surreal and sometimes un-appealing objects and imagery, and adapt them into something beautiful and decorative. I have a fascination with animals and often use them in my projects. I like to create a mood and energy within my work. I use photography often as a starting point, and a way to explore new ideas and compositions. This involves capturing people, animals and scenery around me, of which I often draw from and use in screen printing. I enjoy sketching in live situations to capture movement and one-off moments.

…Print is an area in which I can really express my passion for textiles as well as photography and illustration.

More talent!! {KATE SHERMAN}

What I liked about Kate’s work at the show, (BA in Textiles), was how she used the knitted fabrics to upholster the furniture. Very unusual, very nice colors and patterns and with a very good result!!

A bit about her…The inspiration for my final project was drawn from the palaces of Europe and Russia, folk art and antiquities. Modern colours were infused with older ones to create an eclectic and contemporary look. Fabrics are for interiors and fashion, and products encompass an entire lifestyle concept.

…The difficulty with knitted fabric is that you cannot cut it because it will unravel very quickly, unlike woven fabric. This means that the pieces of fabric used to upholster something have to be made in exactly the right shape so that it fits the item perfectly.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

I went to Central St martins textile Degree show on Tuesday, and as usual was presented with an amazing variety of work. I am glad that they have this public events, where people can view and appreciate the gorgeous work of this talented future designers. You see in Spain, we don't have the tradition of the final year show, or at least in Barcelona and Tenerife University where I studied. A shame really, as this events are a great exposure for student's work, as well as a good opportunity for finding work and networking with other professionals and public in general.

On my visit to the show, I met Solenne Morigeaud a graduate from the Masters in textile futures. She is a Paris born surface designer, that having graduated in fashion and textile design at ESAA Duperré school in Paris, went on to do this masters. I lOVE her work, it is very unique and dedicated.

This antique door is the piece that she was exhibiting at the show, GORGEOUS!!!

Smoke and Mirrors is a collection of mirrors, glass and wallcoverings 
that blur and interact with our perception. The inspiration comes from ink stains, clouds, shadows and smoke trails – coincidental patterns that create an unforeseen imagery.
Mirrors are etched, laser-cut and overlaid, creating unexpected illusional effects.

Through her work, Solenne Morigeaud imagines the future of textiles as a way to encourage people to get into their imagination, too often forgotten.

Inspiration {ADRIAN BRISCOE photography}

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What I like from this pictures by photographer Adrian Briscoe, is the contrast between the textured surfaces and the clean objects he is photographing. Take for example the stained wood flooring against the unity of the painted wall and elements on it and the organic shape of the modern classic chair. I think this is a very clever shot!! everything works in here, colors, arrangements of elements, etc... 
Another brilliant example on the line of the above picture, just a gorgeous paint color, a very much used and loved floor, a chair and a small piece of luggage...

And more old beautiful wood, in the shape of a table and a wall; they serve as a background for this simple wood vases and clean white china...and the much inspiration and talent!!


Monday, 22 June 2009

Kate gave me this pin for my Birthday, It is so cool and different!!  When I wear it with my cardigan people usually ask me where i got it from.  It was made by Jennifer Collier, a Textiles designer from Manchester Metropolitan University, I have known her work for quite some time, but I didn't associate the pin with her till I made a bit of research and realised it was hers. 

Found papers, buttons and ribbon. 
(The paper has been varnished to make these
shower proof). £15 each

Paper brooches found papers and buttons£19 each in a vintage tin

Here are more samples of her fantastic work!! 
some map shoes made to custom!!

Pattern Paper Dress

Lyndie Dourthe magical's work

What a discovery!!! I just found out about Lyndie's work today, I was browsing Internet for inspiration and came across her work, I am delighted!! how much talent!!! She is a french artist and takes much of her inspiration from nature. She creates her own magical creatures, jewelry to be worn as well as objets d'art. I LOVE the birds!!

Betty Pepper's work

I don't have words to describe Betty's work, it is extraordinary!! So delicate, unique, gorgeous...I remember seeing her work at origin in london, and falling for her unique way of doing textiles and paper media together. Her work is very distinctive, the fabrics she choose, the old books, the vintage look of her work, everything is so beautifully put together. She currently works on three collections, Book Keeping, The dressing up box and the cloth moth, that are constantly evolving. I have picked up a few samples of the first two collections to share here, I hope she will exhibit soon in London. I would love to see her work in person again. 

Fancy a BROOCH??

Here is a nice selection of brooches from FOLKSY online.

Crocheted badge No5. £5.00 by Beaky

Hes my love sailor boy XL OAAK pin £20.00 by A Resin Revival

Red wool brooch £4.00 by Jennyflowerblue
Dog Brooch £6.00 by Fabric Nation

Cupcake Brooch £5.00 by Mollys Mum

Loveheart "Date Me" brooch £4.00 by Momtazbh