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Friday, 27 February 2009

Arrrghh! This is driving me mad..if anyone knows why I can't comment on my own blog, please let me know. Kate

Down Under

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

There seems to be a print revolution going on in Oz, Melbourne to be precise. For those of you that haven't discovered this creative group, they're a very exciting bunch of talented screen printers, to name but a few... Naomi Murrell, Pippijoe, Aunty Cookie,who writes the best blog of all! Kristen Doran, MixTape (a supercool diy crafty magazine), Sprout, a great collection of designers work, fabric by the metre, accessories and clothing for kids. Kelani Fabric (which is a shop) Duck Cloth (ditto), Lara Cameron who is co-owner of Ink&Spindle print studio.
They are all busy preparing for the Stitches & Craft Show in Melbourne 11-15 March


Thursday, 19 February 2009

I have been doing some research into cross stitching and embroidery for my own work, I am fascinated by this process, so crafted and old in tradition. I am lucky to have a mother who is so skilled at this. Where she comes from (Canary Islands, Spain), the tradition of making your own goods, clothes, home linens, bedding, a one that is disparaging very fast, so I would like somehow bring back this amazing work into our century, and hope that will continue to grow rather that extinguish for ever.

She started at the age of 8, and used to gather outside the house with the older women in her village, stitching their way into the evening, chatting and making this very beautiful items that survive the times.

My mother and me worked on this designs together, tomorrow I am off home for a week and will be trying new things with her.  I will take some pictures of the traditional embroidery work and post it so you can see the amazing pieces this women work on.

I have got some pieces she gave me, they are quite old and my treasure!


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

What a cuty!! My friend Piero took this lovely picture and just wanted to share with you.  He is the official photographer for Chocolate creative, we will be soon taken new pictures of my cushions, I can't wait!!


This is one of my favorites from her collections of prints and cards.  'Blog and tea' print, $9.50. 

I came across Jennifer Ramo's blog a while ago, and since them have made it my daily stop. I like her style and new butterfly prints very much. here are some samples of her cards and prints, for more information visit:


I just found this blog via Magikquilter, it is called Bloomin' workshop, both blogs are about quilts.  I have always found the process of making quilts very complex and time consuming, but I love the final result, so I really admire the people who has got a passion for this work and take the time to make such a beautiful and colorful ones. 

Here are a few  fine samples, so much variety!!!


I am so proud to introduce SUBLIME magazine, an International independent publication focus on ethical values and intelligent content. It celebrates diversity and individuality, is urban, entertaining, full of amazing pictures, illustrations and worthy reading content!!!

It is run by my dear friends Laura and Damian Santamaria plus and amazing group of professionals who makes this magazine a very special one.

Visit their website for more details on stockist and back issues. You won't be disappointed. 


I met Gillian from Fabric Nation recently and I am delighted to have discovered her lovely toys!! made out of vintage fabrics, I specially like the button details and the crochet roses.

Check out her work on Etsy and Folksy.

FOLKSY shop online

My friend Gillian from FabricNation, gave me this link to FOLKSY the equivalent of Etsy in UK.  I am so happy we have it going on this side of the pond!!!  I will shortly be having  a shop myself (chocolate creative) and will be buying a lot of nice crafted goods!!!

Check it out for some British talent!! 


Monday, 16 February 2009

I have been thinking of my childhood lately and this image of me playing with paper dolls came to my mind. I used to love getting a new design, cutting it and playing with it, hours went by going through my collections of dolls, dresses, hats, etc...

I found this vintage designs on Internet, I have been looking for my old box back in Spain and can't find it, I am a bit sad I have lost such a treasure!! 

Enjoy them, and if you know where I can get them from, please let me know!!!

MINT shop

is a compulsory stop if you are in London and would like to see the latest cutting edge designs displayed in the most creative mixed way!!

It is one of my favorite shops ever, I just wish I had the money to buy all the beautiful things I see when I go there.  It is run by Lina kanafati, and a very professional friendly group of people.

If you are after exclusive pieces, hand crafted ceramics, art, furniture and objects, Mint is the place to go, visit their website, and blog for more information about their collections and events.

Art book

Saturday, 14 February 2009

For thirty-six weeks, a sketchbook was sent in random order between four artists: two in Brooklyn, two in Belfast.

Every Wednesday, one participant would receive book. In order to maintain schedule, it was sent out the following Monday, giving each artist five days to complete a spread in response to the one that preceded it.

A small portion of each entry extends on to the following page. Beyond this, there was no communication between the artists concerning the content of book during its making.

book's first trip across the Atlantic was on 2 June, 2003. Its final trip was on 2 February, 2004. By the time it was completed, book had travelled over sixty thousand miles.


Thursday, 12 February 2009

LOVE! unconditional LOVE, is not that we want and look for?? I hope there is a lot of it out there for every single of you.  Have a lovely Valentines day!!!

Vintage Caravan Style

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

This is a very creative shop in the East End run by a lovely lady called Emily Chalmers who started as a stylist and now also runs this amazing shop. She definitely seems to have a thing about birds (no bad thing) and there's also a wide selection of vintage goodies for the home. What really stands out is her commitment to buying what she really likes rather than filling the shop with mass produced nonsense. It's a refreshing change. Her books are lovely too and include loads of shots of super inspiring homes such as converted warehouses, styled beautifully but retaining that industrial feel. There's a gorgeous cupboard painted over with blackboard paint and written all over in chalk on page 23, but really every page has something amazing.

Bold & Noble

Monday, 9 February 2009

There are lots of &'s out there, but this is one of my favourites. Check their lovely prints at I think Junior may be getting one for her bedroom room wall...

Books wish list

Friday, 6 February 2009

Ok..there's no order or link to these books, other than they are all desired by me, so if you're thinking what to buy me for my next b'day's the wish list.

Starting with utterly stunning innovations from Japan, it's bound to be fascinating,

Just a wonderful set of books, Art Textiles of the World cover numerous countries and areas with a diverse range of practioners. I have the Japanese one which is particularly good, but Scandinavia volumes 1&2 are on the list as is...

Artic Clothing! which I have been obsessed with since visiting the British Museum to look at parkas made of skin - gross, I know but when that's all you've got, you'd be very grateful for a bit of carabou skin! Anyway, it's available from the Selvedge online bookshop.

On a more print-based theme, a cheeky number called Hand Job along with the inspiring Fingerprint. Both along the theme of using hand drawing in graphics, moving away from computer led design or combining the two.

Bloom by Trend Forecaster Li Edelkoort isn't actually on my wish list, because I already have it - lucky me! I couldn't resist sharing it with you as it is so utterly beautiful. Every chapter is devoted to a new theme exploring colour, shape and texture of plants and flowers - a must have for any designer or chi-chi coffee table. It is a collection of images taken from the style magazine she publishes and if you click HERE it'll take you to a very interesting interview with the lady herself

Piero's pictures for Chocolate Creative

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Piero took this beautiful pictures for Chocolate Creative Winter collection. It was a FUN day, styling the cushions, choosing the space in my house, and learning as we went through the day.