Vintage Caravan Style

Tuesday 10 February 2009

This is a very creative shop in the East End run by a lovely lady called Emily Chalmers who started as a stylist and now also runs this amazing shop. She definitely seems to have a thing about birds (no bad thing) and there's also a wide selection of vintage goodies for the home. What really stands out is her commitment to buying what she really likes rather than filling the shop with mass produced nonsense. It's a refreshing change. Her books are lovely too and include loads of shots of super inspiring homes such as converted warehouses, styled beautifully but retaining that industrial feel. There's a gorgeous cupboard painted over with blackboard paint and written all over in chalk on page 23, but really every page has something amazing.


  1. nice one,i want a caravan like that.Looking nice marga!

  2. I know it would be nice to have one to go around England!!! specially in Summer, it is so stylish as well.