Thursday, 10 December 2009

Xmas tree at home...

Since I am off to Spain to spend Xmas with family I am not doing a lot of Xmas decorations at home, but today I couldn't resist to start some around the house. I did this Xmas tree in 10 minutes! Went to the garden and cut some tree branches, (sorry tree, they will grow again very soon, never stop raining in London...), used some previous years decorations and some new, such as this porcelain bird and lace. Back in Spain we will have a tree full of handmade decorations made by my mother, she is so talented...I can't wait to go home, leave the coat, hat, scarf and gloves and the back of the cover and wear my sunglasses and flip flops...

I would love to see your Xmas trees and decorations, if you post about it in your blogs, sites, flickr, etc... please leave a comment and I will pop around to check...

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  1. I love this!! Feel so inspired, want to do one similar, wonder if my kids will go for it!



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