Sunday, 6 December 2009

My day's trip to Brussels...

Sometimes we all need a little break from our everyday lifes regardless how busy we are, and that is exactly what I got to do last Saturday. I was invited along with other bloggers to a day’s trip to Brussels, as part of the Eurostar's Little Break campaign organised by the Wearesocial agency. We jumped on the 7.00am train and 2 hours later arrived in Brussels. Cold and rainy as it was, I felt excited like a child with a new toy…Together with my new bloggers friends we started the day with a visit to the Planete Chocolat shop, where we were given a lecture by Melanie, on chocolate, I can’t tell you how happy I was, as CHOCOLATE is one of the main ingredients of my diet haha…(joking here). I left the shop with an extended new knowledge on chocolate, its history and production, and a few bags of Belgian goodies…

Old chocolate molds...

We, later made our way to the gorgeous restaurant Belga Queen for lunch, I was already full from the chocolates tasting but sat happily waiting for my next meal, we all chatted, got to know about ours blogs, jobs, aspirations etc…Food was nice, but the dessert was even better!!

By this point I felt a few pounds heavier and a bit sleepy so I was in desperate need for some fresh air and walking. We all went to explore the Xmas market and the city, arrived at Le Grand-Place, and started to look for the Xmas Market, which was placed in a different spot so spent quite a while trying to figure it out where it was…part of the fun…1 hour later we discovered it!!

Gorgeous architecture and the Nativity...

Doll's house shop!!

I have to say that I was expecting to see more interesting craft and handmade Xmas goodies, but instead found stalls selling very tempting food, sweets, chocolates and drinks…So a bit disappointed on that side, but still enjoyed the market as it was set in a very nice area, with all the lighting, ice skating rink, and the best of all, an amazing Victorian carousel that took my breath away. It was very busy all around and felt very Xmassy.

The highlight of the trip was to meet such a nice group of people, and share this mini adventure with them all. I will definitely come back to Brussels, many things left unexplored…I am planning my next mini trip…I deserve it!!


  1. Sounds like so much fun!! I love the idea of a bunch of girls going on an adventure. Time for me to start planning one.

  2. I so much need a break!! This post has been of great inspiration...


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