{Origin 2009} Claire Loder ceramics faces

Thursday 15 October 2009

Claire’s faces were calling me from this little corner of the show, I looked at them from the distance and felt very intrigued by the big heads with small sad eyes. They all have the same mouth and expressions, as if they were there to be watched, not saying much…I had a lovely chat with Claire while I was staring at them, I her words… The focus of many of my larger pieces is the eyes; typically the gaze is averted inviting the viewer to contemplate the interior world of the subject or what may have just happened 'out of shot'. As the work has developed the communication of the interior world continues to be significant, other themes and fascinations are being woven around this framework.

I find her work very fascinating and interesting, and have enjoyed browsing her very funny website, full of nice surprises!!

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  1. we love claire's work too. we had a stand near her's at The Contemporary Craft Fair in Devon this summer and fell in love with the heads .. we have just ordered her new book from her lovely new website, can't wait to get it.

    great posts about Origin, we wanted to visit this year but haven't had a chance ... and lovely textiles by the way.