Tuesday 7 April 2009

I took this pictures on my trip to Brazil, nearly 2 years ago!!! I travel all over and fall in love with 'Salvador de bahia', the first capital of Brazil. It has got a great mix of people, cultures and religions, all blend together in this amazing part of Brazil.The architecture is so extremely beautiful and decadent, more than 300 churches live next to old palaces, monasteries, houses, theaters, etc...I was fascinated by the colors, rich pinks, layers of different blue, Portuguese tiles and iron work in their doors and balconies, etc...I left my heart in this city...



  1. Salvador is a wonderful city, when I went there this summer I entered in this church (the one on the second picture)veeeery nice :D

    PS: I'm brazilian ;) but from the south.

  2. I love Brazil!!! I think it is very similar to Spain, (where I am from), the people, the way you live life, the arquitecture,etc...I hope to go back soon, I left many friends, specially in Rio.