One Potato, Two Potato...

Tuesday 10 March 2009

Three Potato Four is a great little family run vintage shop with an online boutique and a stand at the Brooklyn Flea. Started by Janet Morales & Stu Eli and aided by their (adorable) growing family.

"We started the shop because of our love of collections. We're collectors, and to us, all products and belongings tell a story. Sometimes that story is about where the object came from, how it was made or who made it. Other times, it's a story about us and how the object reflects who we are, to ourselves and to others. We live by stories and we shop for stories."

I found them through Jim Datz's site- Neither Fish Nor Foul, as they collaborated on this excellent poster, sadly out of stock but if you put your name on a waiting list they'll let you know about a new print run.

Enjoy feasting your eyes upon their eclectic collection of goodies! - Oh and the sew your own snail kit by Egg Press (who actually deserve they're own separate post) is just so funny, what child wouldn't want one?

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