Friday, 25 January 2013

At last, the wooden tea light holders are in stock. I have been wanted to have this product ready in the shop for ages, but we have been busy with the hooks, knobs, and wholesale orders, poor busy Gassy couldn't make them any earlier. They are available in 4 colours, grey, black, yellow and blue. They come in a set of 3 units in a nice recycled brown tube, and as the hooks and knobs are made by hand using sustainable wood and finished with eco products such as paint and water based varnish.

We are working on some new wooden products – putting together a small office range – and new textile patterns. I have been very naive to think that in the 5 weeks I have spent in Gran canaria, I would have time to rest, be with my mother and Gassy and work as hard as I do in London. Well the true is that time hasn't allow for as much as I wanted to achieve so I will continue working on this from London with our Skype conferences...


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hola hola, still reporting from Gran Canaria, trying to stay focus and working as much as I can before escaping to the beach. I can't afford to have 5 weeks holidays, umm why not? after all I am my own boss, but NO I can't specially because I am my own boss. Since I started chocolate creative I have never worked so hard, and so many hours, but I don't mind since the rewards are so many. One of them is seeing the products being featured in the press, in some of the best magazines, I Love Nuevo Estilo, it keeps evolving and becoming one of my favorites Spanish titles.  

My dear Living etc...what would I do without you?? love it, love it, 
thanks for featuring the English Romantic cushions.

Period Living, well done, what a nice selection of products and layout, 
can you spot the Red lake cushion?

Thanks Kate from the fabric of my life blog, for featuring the wooden hooks.

Just discovered this very nice blog, from Helen, we both appear in this book about designers in London, together with many many other talented creative people. Love how she has done the post.


Thursday, 17 January 2013

SALE time, up to 50% discount on selected products. Prints, cushions, and mugs, all the products under the SALE category, enjoy shopping!


Monday, 14 January 2013

Still in Gran Canaria, (don't want to think of coming back to London just yet, about to snow over there, sorry, I can't face it just yet). One of my goals for this trip was to start drawing and thinking of new designs; I have been taken photos and thinking of cactus for a long time, in fact looking at my old sketch books from my textile studies I found my first ideas were about doing a collection about Gran Canaria: the flora, landscapes, aborigine symbols, etc...but discarded it back them as I was in London and got very influentiated by my new life and surroundings in the big smoke.

Above, my first ideas about Canarias, below some drawings I did yesterday. I went to a restaurant that has a garden with very beautiful and big cactus, sat on the floor under the sun, covered in sun-cream and enjoyed the simple exercise of drawing. Right now all I want is to draw, get inspired by my landscape, enjoy the weather, and later on I will see how can I turn all of this into a design that makes sense for fabrics, or not, I don't want to put any pressure on what I am doing, I want to enjoy it and don't think from the business point of view, but more as the Fine Art and Design student I once was.

La Aldea, is a medium size town surrounded by mountains and the coast, it is a dry landscape with the exception of the tomatos and banana plantations. Peaceful and quiet, from 2 to 4 all you can hear is me walking up and down the streets as everybody else is at home having lunch and naps, I run by the English timetable haha...so no naps, well only now and again haha...

Beautiful isn't?

HOLA 2013

Saturday, 5 January 2013

 Hello and Happy New Year to all of you from sunny Spain, where I came to spend the Holidays and will be until the end of January. I have never been away for so long since I went to live in London, so it is going to be a big test for me, personally and professionally. When in Gran Canaria I split my time between my mother's house in the South of the island, (glorious sandy beaches, tourist resorts, full of tourists, glamorous restaurants and shops...), and Gassy's house in La Aldea, (vegetables growing, secluded beach, dogs barking...), a remote big town on the other side of the island.
2012 was a very good year, felt loved, travelled quite often to GC, friends came to visit, saw my family quite a lot, (never enough), business grew more than I expected, took part in 3 big trade shows, worked very hard but had time to meet new friends and enjoy everybody's company, so overall felt very blessed. I wonder what 2013 will bring, already planning big things, above is the land where Gassy will build the new studio, (big ideas-versus-a very small budget) for chocolate creative, I really hope that is half built before I leave for London. Can't wait to have a proper ME space to work in the island, rather that spread my things through out many tables and places.
Off I am to the capital to spend Los Reyes, (the 3 kings), to see the kids expressions when they see the 3 kings on their camels and all the general excitement of what they might bring tonight. I am sure that most people will ask for a better year, Spain has suffered through the past few years greatly due the the global crisis, and it is in a very bad economic state. 2013 please bring us all, health, peace, love, and plenty of work for everybody, lets all celebrate and hope for a wonderful 2013!