Loving and living with cactus

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I am planing to plant more cactus in my house in London, and hope that they will survive the weather. I am not good with plants, for some reason they do not last much around me, even cactus, I guess I water them way too much? But I will keep trying...look at this amazing collection of cactus, they belong to Gassy's mother. She has a patio full of them, different kind, shapes, colours, etc...I was hoping to spend sometime drawing in there, but time did not allow for it, so I will draw from photos, not the same really.   I love cactus and are thinking of designing a pattern around them, lets see what I can come up with. 

Well see you in London, flying back tomorrow, I wish I was like one of those business people, who travel around and do not get sentimental or emotional, for some reason, each time it feels like a roller-coaster, what is going on? I feel privileged and lucky to have 2 homes in 2 amazing places, but somehow my mind and heart are very confused. Please, please, London weather be gentle to me....

Decorating with green

Friday, 23 March 2012

Slowly but surely I am falling for the colour green. For some reason I have been ignoring it for quite sometime, only a few cushions designs are printed in this colour so far, but I have started to incorporate more green into my designs, in fact the knobs/hooks would be available in this colour soon. Gassy's house is painted in a light green that I did not like at all when I first saw it, and suggested to paint the whole house back to white, but it is growing in me, and I a finding ways to decorate the interiors around this colour. 

This is the bedroom, again very simple, Ikea's bed and lamp, and of course some of my cushions haha...and a few of my old drawings, which were painted back at Uni, in fact they were done for my final year's project. I have started rescuing some of my old work, and I am very pleased to finally see them up and shining. When time allows I will go back to printmaking and my art.

Living a simple life under the blue sky

Thursday, 22 March 2012

A wish? to wake up every day of the rest of my life under the blue sky...I am back in Gran Canaria, for a few weeks, having a break from the big city, working only the necessary, and spending time with my mum and boyfriend. Another wish? to be able to spend more time with him in his beautiful and quite town, and work on his house. They say 'be careful what you wish for. You might get it'...

This island is full of wonders and history, and the fact that I have spent so many years abroad make me appreciate it more and more. Because he leaves so far away form me and the rest of the towns in the island, we have to drive around it to get to his town, (the road is a pain), but I get to see the coast, the fishing villages, the mountains, etc...it has hardly rain, so the landscape looks very dry and brown, but I like it, it feels almost like the moon. 

This is his house, I call it 'la casita azul', which he has built himself, it is not finish yet, so much to be done and add to this very simple and rustic house, but I can see its potential, and I am sure with some money, plenty of love and attention it will look gorgeous.

Vacation period

Monday, 12 March 2012

Hello hello, just a quick post to notify that I am going on vacation, chocolate creative's shop will remain open for business, but shipments will be delayed for two weeks, orders placed within this period will be dispatched after the the 28th of March. I am flying to Gran Canaria, to work on our studio over there, and supervise the knobs/hooks production, (I am adding some new designs and colours, that will be ready in May to celebrate the launch of the new site). I will be posting from Spain as usual, so expect some sunny pictures. See you soon and enjoy the good weather we are having, I hope is here to stay.

Happy and relaxed weekend

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hello friends, soon I will be going to Gran Canaria, for a few weeks, to have a break from this forever Winter, be with boyfriend and mum and enjoy the simple life. Sometimes I wonder why I am so tired, without realising I tend to do too much. I currently run chocolate creative, wearing many hats within the business, I am the delivery girl, assistant, designer, creative director, manager, stylist, maker, marketer/PR, administrative, book keeper, etc...(if you run your own small independent business, you know what I am talking about), plus I freelance for a company, where I am responsible for designing/producing 3 publications, and finally do some styling work when the opportunity comes along, and of course when time allows I have a personal life, that I have been neglecting way to much lately, including my well being.

It is good to be passionate about what you do, and work towards achieving your goals, but it is equally important to pay attention to your personal life, family, friends, pets, (my cat sometimes wonder if I am still the same person), and above all yourself and your own needs. I recently enjoyed reading a very good post that Grace from designsponge posted last week, that refers to saying NO, I strongly advice you to read it, as it is a very honest story about her own experiences, and gave me a good kick to start managing my work/life balance a lot better.

I leave you with these beautiful cabins, from the free cabin porn site, that my friend Nikola mentionned yesterday at the lovely dinner that Kate cooked for us at their colourful and cosy flat.
Happy free time and lets enjoy our weekend!

Treat your mother...

Friday, 9 March 2012

Looking for unique gifts to treat your mother? handmade cushions, prints, tea candles, furniture knobs, etc...make sure you order before the 14th of March to get your products ontime for Mother's day. Happy shopping!