Thursday, 23 December 2010

Dear all, I wish you a happy and relax Christmas and
adventurous, prosperous 2011!
Thanks for all your support, friendship and being there, I hope you get to spend some quality time with your loved ones and eat a lot of tasty food, that is what I am going to do, eat, go to the beach, sleep, walk, and be with my family and friends, I send you a lot of love from sunny and beautiful Gran Canaria, see you in 2011!

An old man's treasure

...It is not is not is not made of luxury fabrics...but this very loved sofa belongs to an old man who treats it as his most valuable possession. His son keeps threatening him with getting rid of it, but the old man keeps fighting back saying that is where he likes spending endless hours contemplating live and would feel naked without it. (true story), I myself feel the same way about my chesterfield sofa back in London, funny how we get so attached to materials things, I guess they give us a sense of belonging.

Red and hand-made Xmas at my mother's house

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Red and hand-made Xmas at my mother's house, we spent yesterday evening decorating around the house, I have said this before but I will say it again, I LOVE XMAS!! and making decorations has became one of my favorites things to do around this period, I just wish I had more time to dedicate to this task, specially when I am in London. One of my New Year's resolution is to post a few tutorials on decorations next year, and more Xmas related posts.

The bubbles are made of knitting yarn hanging
from an old wood hanger I found at home.

I gathered some old pieces of wood, small pines, red bubbles and other bits to make this very simple center piece for the table.

The Xmas tree is decorated with hand-made soft decorations that I designed and my mum made, we make a few new ones each year and give away to family.
I would love to see some of your decorations, please leave comment with link!!

Recycling old furniture

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

All started with these pieces of wood...Give me an empty space and a few old pieces and I get all excited about it! I can't help it, I do have it in my blood haha...My friend Gassy recently finish building his new house in the West side of the island, in a small town near the beach surrounding by amazing mounting and landscape – lucky boy – and need it some help with the decorating, all he did was a few trips to Ikea and that was it!!
Over this past few months we been talking about decorating his space and recycling some old pieces that he had in different warehouses around the property, things he has never pay attention to, and that as soon as I laid my eyes on , saw their real potential. A very old table, that has seen better days, an amazing french spot light that used to belong to a cinema, an old chair, and a few of my etchings, and what a difference!

Sometimes we think we need to spend a great deal of money to decorate our homes, but all we need is, some imagination, a good eye to rescue old pieces, and time and dedication to the project!!

Hand-made Xmas decorations

It has been a while since I last blogged, but life has been very hectic in the past few weeks, specially back in London with chocolate creative. I am now happily writing from Gran Canaria, where weather is very pleasant and I have finally managed to have some relaxing time. I am so glad I decided to fly home so soon otherwise I would still be in the UK crying of desperation for not being able to fly home for Xmas.

Here are some late Xmas decorations that I made for my friend Gassy and his house, we went around and collected some old wood and plants, got a few cheap bubbles and made this very simple Xmas tree and decorations.
I LOVE Xmas, decorating the house and making the decorations, I hardly had any time left in London to do the house up, but still managed to decorate it nicely, (no time to take photos). Now is my mum's house turn, we are gathering this afternoon to decorate the house, will take photos and post tomorrow. What about you? Do you like making the decorations yourself? What style have you gone for? please leave a comment with a link where I can see your Xmas decorations!!

chocolate creative Christmas delivery dates

Monday, 6 December 2010

(Visit the shop for the full range of products)

chocolate creative Christmas delivery dates

Just been at the post office to dispatch some parcels and noticed that the last days to post the products to get in time for Christmas are sooner than I thought, so if you are thinking of purchasing any items from the chocolate creative shop, please pay attention to the following dates:

Royal Mail last days for posting
USA & CANADA: Friday 10 Dec
AUSTRALIA: was today
W. EUROPE: Monday 13 Dec
UK: Monday 2o Dec

Happy shopping!!

Winner of the eco tote bag give away!!


The winner of the eco tote bag competition is Marta from the art & soul blog, congratulation Marta!! the Love message tote bag is going to Portugal. Thanks to all of you for entering the competition, I will be doing more give away in the new year! Love from London.

East London Design Show is over...

I am slowly getting back to my routine and life after being back at home/studio from the East London Design Show. I started to set up last Wednesday in a cold and snowy weather that I thought was going to stop the whole thing happening, took me nearly 2 days to set the stand, much more than it took me to take it down yesterday, 1 hour!! I have learned a lesson in the hard way, ask for help!!! never commit to another show without help to set up and take down the stand.

Overall the show has been a very positive experience, loved the people I met, specially the exhibitors that were in the same space as me, great people, we helped and supported each other and kept company when things were slow. The buzz in the building, the organisers, the customers, friends, porters etc...I would like to thanks everybody from here!!

Here are some photos of my stand, I didn't have any budget for it so had to be creative with the space, went home and took all the drawers from my furniture, (quite a messy house), I was very pleased with the final stand, and the products, the deer mug sold out, the deer print, and the deer cameos and paper doll cushions became the best sellers!!

Looking forward to next weekend, Xmas pop-up shop at home/studio!!