Charlie the dog, at Chocolate Creative

Monday, 22 March 2010

Busy weekend at chocolate Creative, Piero and me spent all day yesterday taking some new photos for the new collections and my application for Origin. It is in this two jobs that all my time and energy are going at the moment.
I am very pleased to introduce Charlie, he lives and works in a famous Russian circus that tours the world. He loves entertaining, making new friends, sleeping, and above all eating!! He came from a great vintage toys collection that Tracy and Jesper, from boboho have been collecting over the years, and so kindly photographed for my new Circus collection.
I will be adding new designs as I go/make, I am still working on new drawings, ideas, etc...very inspired and busy...

Menudo fín de semana, Piero y yo pasamos todo el día de ayer, sacando nuevas fotos para la nueva colección 'Circus' y para mi aplicación para 'origin'. Es en estas dos tareas que se me va todo el tiempo y las energías.
Les presento a Charlie, un perro de papel muy gracioso que vive y trabaja en un circo ruso que viaja por el mundo. Le encanta divertir a la gente, hacer nuevos amigos/as, dormir, y sobre todo comer!!
Tracy y Jesper de boboho, son un encanto, me sacaron unas fotos muy bonitas de diferentes juguetes antiguos de su colección y es de ahí el origen de Charlie.

In lOVE with...

Monday, 15 March 2010

Stunning architecture, quirky interiors and an amazing garden. This house is from an old issue of Marie Claire Maison magazine, one of my favorites interiors titles that never disappoint me.

Arquitectura impresionante, decoración muy personal y un jardín de lo más bonito, para mí, la combinación perfecta para un hogar. Esta casa es de un número antíguo de una de mis revistas favoritas, Marie Claire Maison.

Feeling happy...

Missi having some fun in the garden...

Today has been the first day since last year that I have been able to step outside in my garden and feel the sun on my face, I even managed to dry the laundry outdoors, and Missi seems delighted with the weather too... This days happiness to me means: seeing the sun coming through my window, watching my cat playing in the garden, reading a magazine in my favorite spot with the sunglasses on, having my friends around for a BBQ, seeing my mum doing the garden, etc...What makes you happy??

Hoy ha sido el primer día del año, en el que he podido salir a mi jardin y sentir el sol en la cara, incluso he tendido la colada afuera, y mi gato Missi no ha parado de restregarse por el suelo, el cesped etc...Se le ve muy contento!! Me hace feliz, ver el sol a traves de mi ventana, ver a Missi jugar, leer mis revistas con las gafas de sol puestas, hacer BBQ con los amigos, mi madre arreglando las flores, etc...Y a tí que te hace feliz en estos días??

A vision from heaven

Monday, 8 March 2010

What is not to like about this photos from Stylist Irina Graewe...I have spent quite sometime looking at her porfolio, so much inspiration and talent!

Estas fotos de la estilista Irina Graewe me tienen enamorada...Considero que su trabajo tiene mucha clase y creatividad, menudo talento!!

Feeling down or sad??

Feeling dow, sad, got the blues?? A look at this site, (I love animals) and I guarantee you will feel 100s times better. I love animals, specially cats, but after looking at this photos I love and want all of them haha...I could have chosen many more but I leave you to explore the site.

Triste, deprimida/o? Les recomiendo que visiten esta página, (I love animals), les garantizo que se van a sentir mucho mejor depués de mirar estas fotos de animales. Yo adoro los gatos pero depués de mirar repetidamente a estos bichitos me quedo con todos...eso si donde los meto??

The most delicate and beautiful ceramics...

Ruth Gurvich an artist from Argentina that lives and works in Paris, makes the most delicate and beautiful ceramics I have seen in a long time...

Adoro el último trabajo de la artista Argentina Ruth Gurvich, sus cerámicas pintadas a mano, con dibujos japoneses y formas simulando el papel son exqusitas...

I feel inspired...

Sunday, 7 March 2010

I can spend hours going through photographers and stylists portfolios...
Photo via Paul Massey

A wilderness for you and me...


Austin Press gorgeous stationary

Beautiful crafted stationary from Austin Press in San Francisco, good quality papers and lovely Victorian graphics makes this stationary very unique and perfect for any occasions. Simply gorgeous!

Austin press en San Francisco produce una papelería preciosa, Kimberly utiliza papeles de calidad e imágenes de la época victoriana, para realizar todo tipo de tarjetas, invitaciones, notas, etc...
Simplemente divino!!

ART e-course by Amelia Critchlow

Would you like to find the natural artist in you?

This is a course that will explore a variety of art techniques and methods in an experimental way whilst having fun with an on-line community, sharing and discussing ideas and work produced. The work is in the play!

It is a 6 week course is for busy people who either want to take their creative inclinations to the first step, or people already using one medium who want to try something new and get fresh inspiration.

Amelia is a qualified tutor and practicing artist in the UK, I love her work, and tend to visit her blog when looking for inspiring words or interesting project to work on. Visit her website for more information about this e-course.