BAILEYS home and garden online shop

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Baileys is a paradise shop based in a farm in Bridstow, UK. (I am planning to go there this Summer). As well as their shop you can order via catalogue, or browse their website. One of their so many projects is this book, called Recycle home. A love for all vintage, old and used pieces, brought to life by their team, for us to enjoy!!.

If you are lucky enough to visit, treat yourself to a coffee in their amazing artcafe,
"unusual mix of art objects and handmade ceramics, glassware and jewellery as well as things we’ve created in our workshop from unloved old things in our Cafe, so you can sit down and enjoy it all with a nice cup of coffee."


Monday, 30 March 2009

Fog linen is the second amazing shop I found in Tokio, Japan. Very simple layout, vintage furniture, iron work, wood kitchen-ware and beautiful fabrics!!
You don't have to go all the way to Japan to buy their goods, (I would if I could), here in UK, Selvedge stock some of their bed linen and clothes. Check their website for stockiest.


Comptoir dAubrac is the kind of hotel made for me, it is so homely, and so full of details far from the chic clean hotel look. Each room is being decorated following a theme, this is is called 'Pure love', if you fancy a bit of Asia, explore the 'Himalaya room', and there is even a 'Africa room'. At €220 per night I am going to start saving, this paradise is located in a small village in France. Fancy a French break!!

ALISON WILLOUGHBY bespoke skirts

Fancy a skirt? Don't go far...this bespoke skirts by textile designer Alison Willoughby are the ones to wear!! I like the fact that she uses the skirts like a painting canvas. In them she explores techniques such as printing, knitting and deconstruction, and a vast variaty of materials, paper, plastics, fabrics, yarns and shapes. They are  a real treat!! 

A bit of confort...

Friday, 27 March 2009

This is what I need right now after being at the computer all back needs one wheatiebag and myself a cup of tea and a huge piece of cake!!!

For more information visit: folksy


Thursday, 26 March 2009

Images from Loca location website.

My home is quite white, so lately I have been trying to get some color in my space. For some reason I have always loved very white walls and furniture, but since I have been introducing some bright color in my designs I am having  a go at my home too. This images reflects very well what I would like to achieve, I will be posting photos of my home soon...

A taste of Chocolate Creative new designs...

Just a quick glimpse into my new work!!! I got some new fabrics, and I am literally – after posting this– jumping in my printing table to work on the new designs, which I hope to launch very soon!! 

HANNAH LAMB textiles

Hannah Lamb objects are so cute!! I first saw her work at the New Designer's show a couple of years ago, The globes and handbags were the most beautiful thing in the whole show. Very different and full of details.

APPLEYHOARE SHOP – the antiques paradise

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Appley Hoare Antiques, are specialist dealers in 18th and 19th century French Country Antiques based in London, the shop is just round the corner where I work at Victoria. In my lunch break I tend to go for inspiration, and dream of one day be able to shop there too!!! They stock very special pieces like garden furniture mixed with stone sculptures and vintage textiles. It changes all the time, so it is much fun to go there and discover the new things, like this glassware, and the growing linen collection!!!

If you happen to be in the area, Pimblico, pop in, it is a delightful experience, bring the money too!!!

The ever growing linen collection from £15 onward...

Margarida Palma work

Sunday, 22 March 2009

I found a book from the MA Printmaking 2004 at Camberwell College in my paper archive, and discover Margarida palma's work, I like her work very much, but specially the fabric dolls. There is something about them that makes them look very vulnerable, either is the naked little bodies, or the shapes of their heads, legs and arms. I like the mix media going drawings, printing, textiles, etc...

Deborah Bowness hand printed wall papers

Deborah Bowness has been designing and hand-printing wallpaper for 8 years, developing her unique trompe l’oeil style in a series of highest quality papers.
Her wallpapers are easy to hang with paste but also look good hung by pins or from coat hangers for a more temporary fix.
Her new range of wallpapers included 'new antique books' and 'vases'. by combining photography with silkscreen she designs and makes digital and hand printed wallpapers. she produces site specific commisions, limited edition prints and has a made to measure ready made collection.

They have captivated me so much that I am saving to invest in one of this gorgeous designs, my favorite is the one with the birds cages, they go very well with my house and they can make a place look totally unique and personal!!

Elaine ceramics

I asked my talented friend Elaine to send me some photos of her latest ceramic's work to share with you all. We met at a textile course at Morley College a few years back, and have been following each others work since them. She is as comfortable working with paper or textiles as she is with ceramics. I first saw her lace inspiration textiles at our final year's show, later she translated her ideas into lovely and delicate paper work, (I will post some pictures of it soon), and lately into ceramics.
This pictures are of her current an most recent work, I specially like the lace textures in the surfaces, and the uneven finish. I can't wait to see what she does next!!


Thursday, 19 March 2009

LINNET is a shop based in Kyoto, Japan, (I know far away, but worth to look into it). They stock amazing fabrics, trimmings, patterns, and beautiful laces from Portugal, France, Australia.
I like the simplicity of their patterns, goes with the natural fabrics they sell, the whole approach is so down to earth, they reminds me of the clothes my grandmother used to wear when she was young.

I am going to enquire about their fabrics, I would love to work with them!!!