Kate's Cushions

Friday, 30 January 2009

So here's some of my prints at last. Nothing commercial, just some cushions for myself

Snow on the way

It's bloody cold. So in that spirit, here is some inspiration from the Northern hemisphere...

Bjork by Bjork. This book is a strange and beautiful collection of photographs and drawings, by, for and about the Icelandic woman-child. Featuring work by Michel Gondry, Alexander Macqueen and Juergen Teller to name but a few. Endlessly fascinating.

Cape Farewell Late at the Tate on 6th Feb 6.30-9, if you're in the area get yourself down to the Tate Britain for an evening of comedy, music and installations from Cape Farewell participants old and new.

This is the most amazing project, uniting artists of all disciplines on a trip to the melting ice-caps of the Arctic.
In their own words...."The artist David Buckland, created Cape Farewell in 2001 to instigate a cultural response to climate change.
Cape Farewell has brought together our leading artists, writers, scientists, educators and media for a series of expeditions into the wild and challenging High Arctic. Together they have mapped, measured and been inspired by this awesome environment and have endeavoured to bring home stories and artworks that tell how a warming planet is impacting on this wilderness"


Thursday, 29 January 2009

I found this retro funky bags from a local designer (South East London), Virginia, she is a textile/graphic designer as myself, and wanted to share her work with you.  I particularly like the bags, £12 each. 
A very creative way of doing your shopping!!


We LOVE decorating, browsing magazines, interiors books, browsing shops, second hand markets in search of that interesting item that will make our day!!! So will be posting a weekly round up of amazing interiors, whatever inspires us we will share with you all!!

There is something very fascinating about looking into someone's place.  A house says very much about the person that lives there, way of living, priorities, style, etc...

We start with this amazing converted mattress factory, home of Lyn Gardener.  Eclectic and full of interesting pieces, from old letters on the wall to old mirrors, and painting.

Images from one of the best interiors magazine out there: www.livingetc.com


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I discovered Arthur Bispo do Rosario's work a while ago, (born in Brazil, 1909-89), and have been his fan since them. He refused to call himself an artist, but to me he was a great one with a divine touch, and very skilled hands. Bispo's artifacts were crafted out of whatever he could lay his hands on, linen from the hospital – were he was confined to live his life – or any material he could recycle, old shoes, plastic bottles, household stuff, old frames, etc... His needlework is one to watch for.
My house is full of things that had a previous life before they became my possessions, my chesterfield sofa, the old farm table, the wood cabinet, the old cups, textiles, etc...

Here I leave you with the debate ART or CRAFT?? How many amazing craft pieces we see every day that should be elevated to the ART category?

If you want to find out more about his work, google him. you will be surprised!!

A Lotta Lotta

Monday, 26 January 2009

I am probably very late in stumbling upon Lotta Jansdotter. I am so inspired by her posting about her printing event in her Brooklyn studio- where she had 150 people printing fabric swatches by any means neccessary, she had young and old, newbies and experienced printers in attendance, looks like it was great fun and it gives me hope that I will eventually be able to start designing again and find a way to juggle pooey nappies and feeding my creative cravings.

Also Craft Gym is an amazing idea, a workout for your creativity based in San Francisco..all I have to do is workout (geddit?) how I'll get there from Norwich?!


ibride are one of my favorite designers, the website is a feast for the eyes, there is a short film that is so relaxing and takes you to their magic world. Visit the site to find out about them and their amazing products!!!


I am a big fan of Cavallini GRAPHICS, I can't resist the Vintage look, the images, and the packaging. I am always looking back in the past for reference for my work, so I am glad I have found them!!!

Get creative with their amazing stamps, labels, book notes, etc...I love them, they are so cute that I feel like not using them but keep it for ever...


Sunday, 25 January 2009

It is so easy to get creative around the house with this wall vinyl, so effective and easy!!!


I am always looking for things to decorate the house, I have been looking for a paper lantern for my bedroom and I found this beautiful ones.  I love the print and the oriental look

Chocolate Creative in the blog community

It is been a FUN few weeks marketing Chocolate Creative in the blogging community. A day doesn't pass without visiting my favorites blogs, http://www.designspongeonline.com/, http://decor8blog.com/, http://poppytalk.blogspot.com/, etc...what a great source of inspiration!!! I LOVE seeing what people all over the world are doing, reading about the makers, dreaming about the interiors and the so many beautiful things I get to see everyday!!! There are so many talented people out there!!!

Thanks to all of you for publishing Chocolate Creative's work, and especially the positive feedback I have been getting. We really appreciate it!!!


Cheese I know but true!!! why not to celebrate it – I hope you enjoy as much as I do this selection of LOVE related things.  


It's been a long time..

Friday, 23 January 2009

Crikey, how time flies. I decided to take a break from blogging over Christmas and here we are at the end of jan, with not a word uttered on the blog..disgraceful!
I wanted to share a few links to cute baby clothes as this is my main obsession at the moment.So...introducing Ella, the snottiest baby in the East, my beautiful 8 month old bubba. She has a better wardrobe than me but that doesn't stop her covering herself in puree before midday.

A favourite is H&M which has some cheap and cheerful goodies, including the new season's clashing orange and pink thick striped baggy trews and tops.
The romper suit below is by Katvig, a well known Danish brand, which has some super-duper bold prints including apples, stripes and stars. All very practical to hide the grub and in lovely retro colours. A bit more pricey than H&M, but with really distinctive designs and not available on every highstreet, it's worth a few more pennies.
Whilst I'm on the subject, Green Baby is worth a mention, the only place I can buy it nearby is in Coccolino on Upper St Giles (Norwich) otherwise it's online and currently has a 50% off sale.